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New: The Jazz Harp Jam Session Startup Support 

Organize your local Jazz Harp Jam and get your 1st edition sponsored by JHF 


Jam Sessions are great opportunities to get band playing experience, meet fellow musicians, and make yourself heard. However, to walk into a 'regular' jam session with a harp, and actually get on stage with the obvious bunch of guitar, piano and sax players, bass players and drummers, requires quite some courage and experience. 


Organizing your own local Jazz Harp Jam is a great way to gain some of that experience, provide a low-key occasion to play for your fellow harpists and other musicians, and create an opportunity to invite other musicians, students, and listeners and show them what jazz harp is about! 


1st edition in London on Sunday, February 5, 2017 

Tara Minton, Susannah Evans, and Brenda Dor-Groot, three London based harpists with a passion for jazz, are hosting their local Jazz Harp Jam in Camden on Sunday, February 5, 2017. They are the first to receive the JHF Jazz Harp Jam Session Startup Support. 


The Jazz Harp Jam Session Support explained 

The JHJSS is a donation of €150 (or the converted equivalent in your currency). The donation is specifically aimed at supporting your 1st edition, with the objective to gather enough buzz, connections and promotional material there to become self-sufficient for future editions. 

The JHF will also support your initiative by publicizing your event, as well as sharing organizational checklists and best practices. A package of JHF materials to hand out will be made available when shipping allows. 


The Jazz Harp Foundation gives out a maximum of 4 of these donations each calendar year. You can apply by sending an email to info at jazzharp.org) outlining your plans, including an optional date and place, organisational partners and session musicians, and brief financial summary, and answering a few questions we will send you in reply. 


After the first edition in London, we will post some info and images here for you to use with planning and promotion. 


Have fun! 


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