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*all concert photo's courtesy of Dutch Harp Festival, and Jeroen Berends, photographer 




14-16 OCT 

in collaboration with the Dutch Harp Festival, and the Dutch harp & folk harp societies 


See below for images of once again 3 days of intensive learning, laughing, listening, jamming, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones! 


At the October 2016 Jazz Harp Academy, the key words here were Big and Intensive. The venue, the artist line-up, the organisational effort, the sheer amount of workshops: in this 3-way collaboration everything was triple-sized.  

The activities were 3-fold: 


1. The established 3-day intensive course, with an outstanding faculty consisting of Kurt Schwab and Park Stickney, complemented with presentations by Laura Perrudin, Arnaud Roy and Benjamin Creighton Griffiths, and topped off by a great and supportive rhythm section for the combo lessons. Students came from 6 European countries and took their freshly acquired inspiration, jazz knowledge and newly developing abilities back to London, Paris, Detmold, Moscow, Birmingham, and various Dutch cities.  


2. An extensive workshop programme breathing the Dutch Harp Festival theme "Harps without Borders", and hosting the annual Open Harp Day of the Dutch harp and folk harp societies as well. 

17 different workshops formed a total of 5 itineraries: Jazz, Improv, Kids, All Musicians, and Pop&Rock. Subjects varied from 'Free improv', 'Folk improv' and 'Baroque improv' to 'Rock harp' and from 'Playing your own Pink Panther' to 'Jazz for classical musicians' and a 'Sound design laboratory'. 

Our great line up of workshop teachers included the intensive course faculty Kurt Schwab and Park Stickney, as well as Laura Perrudin, Lena Woods, Savourna Stevenson, Sivan Magen, Joost Buis, Arnaud Roy, Benjamin Creighton-Griffiths, Carina Backhuijs, Constance Allanic, Habiba Doorenbos, and Annelies Kole. 


3. The simultaneously running Dutch Harp Festival, curated by festival director Remy van Kesteren, with more than 30 performances in 1,5 day including a rave jazz programming in collaboration with the Jazz Harp Foundation, headlining festival reviews for good reasons. Praise goes to Park Stickney, Charles Overton, Laura Perrudin, Lena Woods and her band, Arnaud Roy and Adrien, and Ben Creighton Griffiths for their outstanding performances and presentations. Together with many other festival artists, they have been a great inspiration to all of us, and the Jazz Harp Academy students in particular. 


"Another big dream of mine came true with the participation of the Jazz Harp Academy! It was such an inspirational weekend which I will never forget. I was meeting harpists from all over the world, having daily jazz sessions with Park Stickney and Kurt Schwab, learning a lot about jazz and how to deliver it through the harp, playing in a jazz band trio, getting inspired by the young jazz artists - Laura Perrudin, Ben Griffiths and Charles Overton, listening to many fantastic harp concerts of the Dutch Harp Festival, and many more. The 'Jazz Harp' was just everywhere at TivoliVredenburg. I had an incredible time at Utrecht sharing the love of jazz and the harp with so many other passionate harpists and musicians. Looking forward to the next one!" - Tsvetselina Likova 


We will be back with another Jazz Harp Academy in The Netherlands in 2019. We intend this to be a profound and passionate, pure and all-inclusive jazz harp community event! Stay tuned...;) 



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