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Frequently Asked Questions 




Q : Will it be possible to rent a harp for use during the classes? 

A : Yes, a small stock of harps is available for hire. These are generally intended for those coming from abroad. If you are based in The Netherlands and still require a rental instrument, please inform us of your need and we may be able to offer you a spot on the stand by list. 

To make sure we have enough harps for those who need one, and to keep the cost down, availability and prices are initially based on sharing a harp between 2 students in the same course. You can express a preference for a private instrument, and if one turns out to be available, this can be arranged for an extra fee. 


Cost of hire: 

Lever harp: €25 for the duration of the festival (private instrument: €50, if available) 

Pedal harp: €37,50 for the duration of the festival (private instrument: €75, if available) 



We request that renters of harps at the Jazz Harp Festival are in possession of an appropriate liability insurance. For those who do not have an appropriate cover, a temporary liability insurance option for the instrument will be available on request at €10 for lever harps and €17,50 for pedal harps (in collaboration with Jack Hayward Insurance). 




Q: Will host family accommodation be available for the Festival? 

A: Yes, a number of harp students and other affiliated individuals are offering their hospitality to help out those in need of a trusted and non commercial place to stay in or close to Leiden. Please contact us at for enquiries. 




Q: Does the intensive course really require several years of experience? I was a bit surprised by your definition of beginners. 

A: Our naming of the different groups/levels is based upon level of jazz and improvisation not level of harp playing. We do this because the courses are to learn to play jazz, not so much to learn to play the harp (although your harp playing will improve significantly). To play jazz and improvise over a chord chart you should have some technical skills already, otherwise it could be too difficult and overwhelming. So this is why we suggest that several years of harp lessons is necessary to enter the beginner jazz course. 


Of course sometimes a student progresses much faster, especially when a student played another instrument, like piano, before. Just send an e-mail to and we'll figure out together which courses or workshops suits you best. So you'll get the most out if it and have a fun and educational time at our festival & academy! 


FAQ #4 - transfer between courses 

Q: When a course is too difficult or too easy for me, is it possible to transfer? 

A: Yes it is possible to transfer, we want you to get the most out of it and that means you need the course that fits you best, so we'll do everything in our power to arrange that, also transferring. 


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