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This is a series of lessons especially developed for the visitors of the Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2014. A new lesson could be enjoyed every day at the Jazz Harp festival booth, with headphones on, connected to the Camac Electroharp and an iPad. 


Now you can do it at every festival with a booth, ànd at home: 


The song you will be working with is My Blue Heaven, by George Whiting & Walter Donaldson. 

The song is written in the key of F major, so start out with moving your levers or pedals to obtain the scale of F major: F - G - A - Bb - C - D - E 


See below for more info, materials and tools. 


LESSON #1 - Improvising patterns based on the use of the 6th chord 



LESSON #2 - Fun variations on the 6th chord based improvising patterns 



LESSON #3 - Taking it to the bridge 



LESSON #4 - The whole form 



LESSON #5 - Take it away! Vertical+horizontal improvisation & 'the chase chorus' 





Download the lead sheet here: My Blue Heaven 


As promised in Lesson #2, here's a backing track on repeat for the A part

And for practising after Lesson #3: the B part


A full backing track is available as a download from our webshop at


Something interesting is going on in bar 4, read more about it here


*Tuning for lever harps: with all levers down, your harp should be tuned in the key of E flat major: Ab - Bb - C - D - Eb - F - G (E flat major) 


Have fun! 


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