The Lori Andrews list of 'Must-haves' for DIY marketing for those of us who love FREE! 

or: How to amp up the promotion on your career 

- by Lori Andrews, december 2014 - I can't stress enough to take cameras to your gigs and upload videos!! That was the best advice I ever received from the Playboy Jazz Festival promoter many years ago and I've been doing it ever since. For the extra special gigs like a festival, we took 2 video cameras. One stayed back with the house sound company (long shot/stage/audience coverage) and we took a line into the camera from the sound engineer's board for the best audio. The other camera was given to a friend of ours who stood closer to the stage and zoomed in on soloists and the band in general (close up video). I took both movies into iMovie (MAC), extracted the pristine audio files from the house sound camera then cut and pasted clips from the zooming camera in, making it look like a pro video shoot.  


We all know that YouTube is FREE but more than that, all the links I'll be giving you (below) create their magic from your YouTube channel! I have two YouTube channels, one that is public promoting my live gigs, high profile events and CDs ( the other is a more private collection, slightly eclectic, that I use when a specific request comes up from an event planner like "can I hear the difference of harp with guitar or harp with flute?". I choose "only those with a link can view" for that YouTube channel. - a great FREE way to feature/embed your CDs into a beautiful player on your website, blog or FaceBook page. I put up a separate page for each CD and listed snippets of each song from that CD to create an MP3 player. (ex: I also generated a great video player for my blog from my uploaded live videos on my YouTube channel (ex: It's a great way to generate biz, CD sales and general public interest in what you do. I was also able to use ReverbNation to offer a free download for the holidays through email and Facebook, and to advertise a new CD by giving away a free song. - a great FREE way to build a website. It doesn't have to look like a blog if you're more interested in a website look. There are many choices of templates. It's tied in with your Google account. I have a domain name I've used for years ( I just "point" the domain to the blog link so the address isn't so long to remember or print on a biz card. I was getting tired of uploading files to an FTP site plus the glitches in programming my website through iWeb were driving me crazy so with this free site, I was able to set up a JazHarp Records website, a CD website, an agent website, an EPK (see below) and a blog too... all for free. (ex of the website: I should mention there are quite a few free website builders out there, I just happen to like and use  


Also, a FREE stat counter for your website and blog: - you can make it invisible and unobtrusive if you want, or match the theme of your website - I'll be monitoring to see how many of you visit these sites!!! ;) 


Here's a great FREE way to make your websites and blogs 'off the charts' cool! Snacktools includes all these tools below ...for FREE: (I use this for a photo slideshow on my CDs page. (ex: also on my website for my famous people pic and festival pic albums. (ex: Here's an example of a player I made JUST FOR AGENTS that don't want their clients contacting me directly. I specifically stayed anonymous (no name or contact info) and used the player to show off the many combinations of instruments you can add to the harp to beef up their event, all from YouTube videos (ex: a great way to captivate people to stay on your website with interesting quizzes, polls and surveys. great for PDFs. I use this one for my rate sheet, bio info, one sheet, festival band rider etc. (ex: scroll down to EPK downloads on the right hand side. I used this on my blog for my famous people album, I think it's a little more fun than the photosnack for a blog. (ex:


and last but not least... great looking banners for the top of your website. - FREE "contact me" forms so you don't have to put personal info on your website and it looks so pro. (ex: - Scroll down, right hand side. They send you an email notice that you have received an inquiry with all the pertinent information you have requested from a client. You can create them to match the color theme of your website as well as inputing information you set up on the template that you would like to know to move forward to booking a gig. - FREE email templates/campaigns to advertise your gigs through email. I LOVE this site!! So many adaptable templates to choose from and did I mention it's free? I had an issue once that I couldn't get around so I did an online chat with a rep for a few minutes who got me back on track and a few days later, I received a tee shirt in the mail with a cute chimp wearing a mail delivery outfit. Priceless, LOL! - a little off topic but if you need to send large files (MP3s, high res pics, videos etc) to a potential client that you can't send through email because they are too large, WeTransfer will sent them via the persons email address FREE: up to 2 GB, that's a lot of music! The files stay up for about 5-6 days then are erased from the system. 


Do you have an EPK (electronic press kit)? It's a 'must have' for that high level gig/event/festival promoter that's looking for a one page info sheet on you… soup to nuts… a little of everything… compact and clean. (TIP: stay current. i.e.: if your college education doesn't pertain to a certain gig, don't include it.) I also used for mine. Here's mine: 


It goes without saying how valuable social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc. are for promoting your event, gigs and festivals. Stay in touch. Let people know you are out there, working, having fun.... and totally accessible and available to chat. 


I hope this helps to get you started on your New Year's Resolution to amp up the promotion on your career. If you get stuck, feel free to ask me questions at 


Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2015 to you and yours! 

Lori Andrews 


PS please enjoy this free Christmas download from our "Going Home" CD:  

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