Jazzharp.org newsletter - May 2011
- 2nd edition Jazz Harp Academy in Baton Rouge / New Orleans!
- Lots of jazz @ World Harp Congress in Vancouver
- Spotlight on: Christa Grix
- YouTube tips: Christina Braga, Esperanza Spalding & Smigly
- Gadgets: Amazing Slow Downer
- 16 year old testing Accusound mic with Daft Punk, are you next?
- iJHF now on Twitter

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2nd edition Jazz Harp Academy in Baton Rouge / New Orleans!
Pre-registration has opened for the 2nd Jazz Harp Academy. This 2011 edition is being hosted by Kimberly Houser, harp teacher at Louisiana State University, on September 23-24-25. On the faculty are jazz harpists Carol Robbins & Park Stickney, LSU teacher and bass player Bill Grimes, and Kurt Schwab, saxophone player and the driven jazz education professional for the iJHF.

Jazz Harp Academy ingredients: hands-on harp lessons
| combo classes | theory lessons | jam session | concert | bass lines workshop | blues workshop | optional private lessons

To pre-register, send an email with your name, email address, phone number, city/country, and a little information about your harp and/or jazz experience to
Lots of jazz @ World Harp Congress in Vancouver
We're very happy that the World Harp Congress 2011 in Vancouver programmed a substantial amount of jazz harp concerts. You can listen to Christa Grix, Park Stickney and Ruediger Oppermann, Brenda Dor-Groot and Cristina Braga amongst others. Also, a lecture/recital on jazz interpreting and arranging will be given by Stacey Berkley. Check the complete WHC Jazz Harp Program on our
calendar or go to www.worldharpcongress2011.com

The International Jazz Harp Foundation wlll also be present at the World Harp Congress. You can find us at the exhibition space. We'll have our own booth set up where you can visit us and where we'll share the latest information about the Jazz Harp Academy in the USA, jazz concerts and jazz workshops.
And of course you can listen here to some great music, test sound equipment, buy cd's, sheet music and 'I Love Jazz Harp gadgets' and meet other Jazz Harp enthusiasts.
During this week you can follow everything about our stay on Twitter:
Spotlight on: Christa Grix
The first jazz on the World Harp Congress program is being played by Christa Grix.
Christa is a Michigan, USA based harpist playing both classical and jazz. She has a jazz CD out called Cheek to Chic, featuring Kurt Krahnke on bass and Pete Siers on drums.

In our 'spotlight on' interview, Christa explains how she got to play jazz, what the challenges are, and concludes with yet another version of the same true advice to beginning jazz harp players that all jazz performers in our interviews do: listen to as much jazz as you can!

'Where am I going with this idea? What am I saying to the listener?'

Read the interview
YouTube tip 1
Cristina Braga is guest harpist on the DVD United Kingdom of Ipanema by Andy Summers (The Police guitarrist) and Roberto Menescal (Brazil's Bossa Nova icon). Cristina: 'it's kind of the harp being officially recognized by Bossa Nova'.
YouTube tip 2
Less is more. In the interview above, Christa Grix mentioned Esperanza Spalding, 'a fabulous musician' as one of her inspirations. 'A fabulous musician' indeed!
In this video, Esperanza performs Tell Him on the double bass. Pure beautiful music that gives you the chills.
YouTube tip 3
"Kind of Black & Blue", featuring Smigly & Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band.
Just to have a good laugh and listen to some great jazz at the same time.
Gadgets: Amazing Slow Downer
You like to learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over, but you wish that they wouldn't play so fast? Then you'll enjoy Amazing Slow Downer for iPhone and iPod touch.
You can repeat any section of the music at full speed, slow it down or even speed it up, without changing the pitch! The speed can be adjusted between 25% (1/4 of original speed) and 200% (double speed).
Amazing Slow Downer is a bit expensive, $14.99, but it's worth the money. If you're not sure yet, you can download the 'lite' version for free first.
16 year old testing Accusound mic with Daft Punk, are you next?
At the physical IJHF headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we have an Accusound accoustic instrument mic available for testing. Last month, 16-year old Imre Hartog, a student of Julia Beusenberg, tested it at her high school concert, playing Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk with her friend on piano and harp.

You can test the mic in Rotterdam year round, and often at places and conferences were the iJHF is represented, like the World Harp Congress in Vancouver come July.

Check out Imre's performance here:
The Accusound removable pickup is for sale in our webshop.
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Thank you for listening!
Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot
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