Jazzharp.org newsletter - December 2011
'The most valuable and enjoyable harp read out there'
- Jade Barnaby, Melbourne, Australia

Contents of this newsletter
- Tell Santa what you really want... Jazz Harp CDs!
- New Release: Park Stickney's new solo album 'Surprise Corner'
- Jazz harp @ Seduced by Harps in Belgium
- Billy Childs Chamber Jazz Ensemble with harpist Carol Robbins
- Spotlight on: Monika Stadler
- YouTube tips: Park Stickney/LWD and Monika Stadler's Blue Bossa

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New release: Surprise corner
Park Stickney's new solo CD!

If you have been present at one of Park's concerts lately, you were probably thrown off your feet by his incredible jazz version of the Debussy Dances. Well, it's on this CD! A reason on its own to get 'Surprise Corner'. However, there are more especially pleasant surprises on this album, like the beautiful ballad
How Insensitive, and the best rock song of all times: Bohemian Rhapsody.

get it here
Jazz harp @ Seduced by Harps
Lommel, Belgium, February 25, 2012

In its 8th edition, the Belgian harp event Seduced by Harps will feature 2 jazz harpists, Uschi Laar and Monika Stadler, next to classical players Lavinia Meijer, Sophie Hallynck, Eline Groslot and Emma Wauters, and Celtic harpist Lakshmi.

Austrian harpist Monika Stadler brings a breath of fresh air and new dimensions to the world of harp music with her compositions, in which she combines elements of jazz, classical, world, folk and improvisational music to form her very own personal musical signature. It is her constant goal to expand the techniques of harp playing as well as to plumb the depths of the soul. (read more in the 'Spotlight on' interview)

German jazz harpist Uschi Laar will open Seduced by Harps VIII with a jazz harp master class, and will be the closing act of the event at the evening concert, with double bass and percussion. Her roots in a family of musicians, years of training as a classical harpist, and numerous journeys form the basis of Uschi Laar's artistic oeuvre. Decades of immersion in a dialogue with the most widely diverse musical cultures have inspired her to evolve her own unique and extraordinarily sensitive style. Her compositions reveal influences from the Orient, the Balkans, South America, and Africa, on top of formative impulses from jazz and contemporary music.

Go to
www.ccdeadelberg.be for more info, concert tickets, and master class registrations.
Billy Childs Chamber Jazz Ensemble with harpist Carol Robbins
a London concert review, recalling Autumn in upstate New York

On Monday the 14th of November, the international Jazz Harp Foundation has taken a 1,5 day trip from Rotterdam to London to visit the performance of the Billy Childs Chamber Jazz Ensemble at Ronnie Scott’s during the London Jazz Festival.

Very unique in this line-up is the harp. Although ‘unique’ might not be the right term, because the harp takes to Child's musical vocabulary like a duck to water. Childs’ compositional style is to be described as contemporary impressionism.
Will Friedwald from Wall Street Journal rightfully stated: ‘It’s impossible to tell where the jazz ends and the classical music begins’. It is jazz and improvisation but it is also composed music, both styles in free interchange to each other.

read the entire review
Spotlight on: Monika Stadler

Austrian harpist Monika Stadler is one of two featured jazz harpists at Seduced by Harps VIII in Lommel, Belgium, on February 25, 2012. Time for an interview.

Her advice to all:
Find out which music/musician touches your soul. Follow your own taste and feelings. Don´t give up, and enjoy playing the harp.

Read the full interview
Youtube tips
Park Stickney
In honour of Park's new CD, here's a nice youtube movie of The Lion, the Wolf and the Donkey (aka LWD). Hotel California, performed on harp, bass and keyboard. And when we say keyboard, we actually mean keyboard... See for yourself!
Monika Stadler
Here's Monika Stadler's take on Blue Bossa. With a nice and 'very harpy' intro and outtro, and a bit of voice. You can listen to her live in Belgium on February 25.
Thank you for listening! Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot | iJHF
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