Jazzharp.org newsletter - July 2012 - IJHF 5th anniversary edition
'The most valuable and enjoyable harp read out there'
- Jade Barnaby, Melbourne, Australia

Contents of this newsletter
- IJHF 5th Anniversary
- Synchronicity... and Mystery Solved!
- Spotlight on: Robert Maxwell
- Harpfestivalmania
- New Releases by Carol Robbins and Edmar Castaneda
- Gadgets: Free Jazz Lessons . com
- YouTube tips: Cliff Webb faking the harp & Edmar-and-Eric improv summit

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IJHF 5th Anniversary
Five years ago this summer, we signed the Articles of Incorporation of the International Jazz Harp Foundation in The Netherlands, and launched it at the International Jazz & Pop Harpfest in Salt Lake City.
Five years of hard work, that would not have been possible without the inspiration and support of many players, benefactors, board members, contributors, and volunteers. Many thanks to all!
The foundation has grown to become a firm and respected organization, and with our current and ever expanding resources we hope to inspire, enlighten, support and surprise many harpists, harp lovers and listeners for the years to come.
Synchronicity... and Mystery Solved!
- by Trista Hill, iJHF US representative

A little while ago, the iJHF was contacted -- again! -- with this burning question:
Did Clifton Webb actually play the jazz harp rendition of “Saint Louis Woman” in the American movie “For Heaven’s Sake”?

Let’s back up a bit. The iJHF received this same query about three and a half years ago, and we posed it to our community by publishing it in our newsletter.
We neither received the answer nor heard the question again until March 2012, when the same patient person checked in with our U.S. rep (myself) to see if we’d heard any news.
Yet another fan in the United States sent in the same question the very next day. What spurred this flurry of queries, three and a half years apart? The movie “For Heaven’s Sake” had apparently been playing on a U.S. Dish Network satellite channel. Our U.S. rep forwarded the first query to our board in the Netherlands, who, less than one hour prior and across the globe, had received the answer from someone in Idaho!
Finally, we can share the answer with all of you:
The harpist was Robert Maxwell (Billboard, December 9, 1950, p. 17, columns 4-5), who apparently worked with Clifton Webb for two days before filming. So while Webb didn’t actually play the harp, he had many believing he did.

A heavenly and humorous synchronization, in every way! You can see the magic for yourself in this YouTube video:

Thank you, everyone, for your questions, interest, and feedback -- we love the opportunity to put all the puzzle pieces together in our glorious jazz harp universe!
Spotlight on: Robert Maxwell
Given the article above, what could be a better time for a 'spotlight on' about Robert Maxwell than today!

Robert Maxwell x 30…
by Sabine Meijers - IJHF

For a harpist like me, being European and active in the 21st century, it is somewhat difficult to fully understand the value of Maxwell’s musical legacy at first sight. But upon diving into his music and career, there is only respect and more curiosity towards this great and creative harpist. Yes, it’s easy not to like his somewhat exotic ‘easy listening’ type of music, I mean, it’s popular music from more than half a century ago. Times were completely different, a lot of new things still had to happen for the first time that we now consider outdated. But it is amazing that it was
a harpist who wrote those two very popular love songs that hit the charts for a long time. Although, maybe it’s not that strange after all, Maxwell was a great composer and when you listen closer you’ll hear a great harpist pulling the strings as well. He’s just harping another way than you would expect from a classically trained Juilliard/Grandjany Graduate.

Read the full article here:
Harpists never have to be bored in Summer! There's a load of Summer harp festivals and courses happening around the globe every year. We'll just name a few that we happened to attend or that we otherwise feel related to, so you can look out for there sequels and put them on your schedule for next year or after:
Camac 40th anniversaire - Ancenis, France
Mai 25 - Mai 27
Packed with concerts, workshops, harpists from all over the world, and not to forget great food from Bretagne, that's Camacs 40th anniversary celebration. In the jazz department, Edmar Castaneda was joined by his father Pavelid Castaneda, who played the harp as well, and his wife Andrea Tierra, who brought a bit of Columbia to France with her passionate singing. Rossitza Milevska pulled the strings on Saturday evening. She was swinging in a program containing 20 fifteen-minute-performances and lasting till almost 2am, of which Brenda & Sabine from the IJHF also took one round.

Edmar gave a latin workshop, and blues and improvisation was taught by Brenda & Sabine. We all enjoyed a wonderful weekend, the festival was amazing, and the hospitality of the French harpmakers was of the warmest kind!
American Harp Society 50th Anniversary - 40th National Conference
June 30 - July 3, 2012
Only the bravest harpists could play on the AHS Conference, 'bravest' not because of the audience, but because of the location; what a challenge to unload your harp in the heart of Times Square!
Masters in harp for the late-night jazz sets were Park Stickney and Edmar Castaneda. New York jazz harpist Brandee Younger and her quartet played on the final concert.
Maybe, when the AHS Conference will be held in LA next year, we'll also hear some West Coast jazz harping?
International Harp Workshop - Sanctuario di Crea, Italy
July 5-15, 2012
We started the summer with a trip to the hills of Italy to work on many aspects of improvisation, and on jazz & blues basics with a select group of 10 participants. They enjoyed a 10 day course, organised annually by Laura Sofia Caramellino, starting out this year with masterclasses from Elizabeth Volpé Bligh, followed by classes in Feldenkrais and 5 days of working on improvisation with us. We explored our improvisational skills and whirled from soundsketches to circlesongs, bunches of cables, wah-wahs, jazz theory and lots of playing and improvising the blues.

Internationale Meisterkurse Vaduz, Liechtenstein
July 16-21, 2012
Every 2nd year, the 'Internationale Meisterkurse Vaduz' includes a great jazz education program (tango every other year, and classical every year). This year was the first time it featured harp as well, along with trombone, trumpet, sax, bass, guitar, drums, and vocals. We went there and took lessons from Park Stickney, together with harpists from Germany, Portugal and the USA. Group lessons, private lessons, combo lessons, big band, and informal jam sessions made this a great and incredibly educational week, in the tiny and beautiful country of Liechtenstein.
Somerset Folk Harp Festival
July 26-29, 2012
The Somerset Folk Harp Festival features an incredibly extensive workshop program, and probably the largest line up of all annual harp festivals.
This year, there was a One Day Jazz Harp Special on the first out of 4 days. Students from all over the USA and Canada worked all day with Brenda & Sabine on improvisation, theory, and accompanying and soloing over blues songs. After this crash course on Thursday, they swarmed out to the other courses of the festival like Martha Gallaghers ever fun and interesting workshops 'with a country-girl-touch' :-) on blues and performance, and Maeve Gilchrist's workshop 'Blazing Levers'. And of course, for those who wanted a break from improvisation and blue notes, there were many other great workshops, concerts and exhibits to attend.
We thank Camac Harps for enabling the Somerset Folk Harp Festival to invite the IJHF to bring one of their educational & concert programs to the festival. And for sharing their unique electric harps with the students and the audience.
Somerset facebook page

>> Missed it? There's always next year: July 18-21, 2013
Do you give or organize a public jazz harp performance or workshop, or do you know of one that's not listed in our
Global Jazz Harp Calendar yet? Let us help you spread the word to real harp enthusiasts, and help us to provide a comprehensive list of events. Shine on our calendar - submit your event here!
New release: Double Portion
by Edmar Castaneda
Available worldwide in the
Jazzharp .org webshop: buy here

We already knew Edmar Castaneda's harp playing was ground breaking. And with this 3rd album it's getting more and more clear. As the reviewers put it:

Castaneda takes his instrument to the edge of where it can go and then leans his head way, way out. full review & interview at Nippertown.com

Castaneda, on Double Portion, expands his instrument's range into areas that it's simply never wandered before.
full review at allaboutjazz.com
New release: Moraga
by Carol Robbins
Available worldwide in the Jazzharp .org webshop: buy here

There are already some great reviews out on this fresh new release. We received a copy as well, and ordered them right away. This is a true jazz harp album.

'Robbins should be applauded for creating a meaningful program of music that showcases her work as a composer and performer, while also highlighting the ever-expanding role of the harp in jazz; Moraga is a real musical treat.' full review on allaboutjazz.com

Carol Robbins plays jazz. And if you think the harp has no place in the jazz combo, think again. Even a cursory listen to her new CD, Moraga, will show you just how wrong you are. full review on blogcritics.org
NEW We recently added lots of extra jazz harp related sheet music to our webshop. Check it out here: www.jazzharp.org/shop.php
Gadgets: absolutely free, and incredibly educational
FreeJazzLessons .com
Who else but Kurt Schwab, jazz saxophone player and iJHF education professional, would come up with this incredible tool. You can now start to absorb tons of jazz playing knowledge for free, and just practice till you drop!
This extensive online jazz education source is originally designed to learn jazz piano. It includes video, lead sheets, quick tips, and all kinds of helpful resources.

You can turn their website inside out to pick your favorite or most needed subjects. How about '2 Powerful Licks Starting On The 11th', or '4 Guaranteed Ways to Turbo Charge Your Ears'? But also serious stuff like 'Two Handed Comping' or 'Solo Analysis'. Or you can just let Steve Nixon surprise you and await his weekly email with the newest lesson.
Youtube tips
Cliff Webb faking harp in 'For heaven's sake'
See above for an incredible story about this humorous synchronization.
Edmar Castaneda & Eric Vloeimans improv summit
2 true improvisational talents were brought together by Remy van Kesteren for the Dutch Harp Festival 2012. A great idea that led to an incredible encounter which is best witnessed live, but in case you missed it, here's part of it on youtube:

Thank you for listening! Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot | iJHF
International Jazzharp Foundation www.jazzharpacademy.org info@jazzharp.org