Jazzharp.org newsletter - December 2012 - Christmas edition
'The most valuable and enjoyable harp read out there'
- Jade Barnaby, Melbourne, Australia

Contents of this newsletter
- Jazz Harp mp3 downloads for your Christmas Dinner playlist
- New release: sheet music downloads for your Christmas gigs
- IJHF Happy Birthday Jam
- Spotlight on: Deborah Henson Conant's tour with Steve Vai
- Gadgets: iRealbook app
- Merry Christmas

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Add some jazz harp to your Christmas Dinner playlist!
Available now: downloadable jazz harp mp3s including samples
From today on, there is some nice Christmas Jazz Harp available at the
Jazzharp.org webshop by Christa Grix and Lori Andrews. Also, you will find great songs & albums by Carol Robbins, Rosetty and Felice Pomeranz. Within a few months, we expect to add Deborah Henson-Conant, Park Stickney and Evelyn Huber albums as well, and more to come.
Now, jazz harp recordings are at your fingertips! You can quickly check out everyone's
Softly as a Morning Sunrise or Take Five when you're working on it. Or you can show samples to all those people who don't have a clue what jazz harp would actually sound like. And, last but not least, no time and money wasted on international shipping! Unless, of course, you actually do like to own the physical albums, you can still get those in our webshop as well.
That being said...
go to the Jazzharp.org webshop and get your downloads!
New release: downloadable sheet music
A Christmassy kickoff with the arrangements of Christa Grix
Do you keep thinking this at your December gigs:
I wish I had some more unique Christmas repertoire on hand, and I wish I could add some jazzy sounds to my set. Make sure you won't have these thoughts ever again. Get Christa's beautiful arrangements right now from our sheet music download pages.
You can choose from:
- A Child is Born
- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
- In the Bleak Midwinter
- Moonlight on Snow
- Silent Night
Spotlight on:
Deborah Henson Conant's recent tour with Steve Vai
Most of you will probably be subscribed to Deborah Henson-Conant's newsletter as well. In that case, her tour with rock guitar legend Steve Vai will certainly have caught your attention already. You might even have gone out to see one of their 96(!) shows, like we did in Holland and Germany.
She's back home now, processing the whole experience and back to doing solo shows and more. However, we didn't want to pass on the chance to further spread at least these 2 highlights of DHC's Steve Vai tour:
- Deborah's latest newsletter, with an account of what she learned and discovered from her touring rock band experience, plus an announcement of her online arranging course.
Read it here
- The behind-the-scenes video made by Helen Leitner of Camac Harps.

Read the full 'Rock Harp Diaries and/or subscribe to Deborah's newsletter
THE realbook app, named 'iReal b'
Just a few of the great features of this app:
- import, transpose, create, edit and share chord charts
- play along jazz, latin and pop style accompaniments
- loop songs or sections of it
- 50 generic excercises included, thousands of chord charts downloadable for free from the iReal b forums

The most notable difference with an oldfashioned realbook, is that you do get chord charts but you don't get lyrics/melody, due to copyright issues. However, while working on a song, you will want to listen to some versions on youtube/spotify/etc. anyway, so you will get to know the melody, or you might already know it. Plus it helps getting used to playing by ear, to improvise, or... to practice your transcription skills :)

Definitely worth its price tag. The Android version is somewhat limited, but that is more than realistically reflected in the price (20% of the original).

Merry Christmas and a Jazzy New Year!
2012 has been a jazz harp filled year for us, playing and teaching in France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, and the USA, supporting and promoting ever more artists, and expanding our sales collection with lots of sheet music, and with downloads! We also celebrated the iJHF 5th Anniversary, of which you will find a video report in our next newsletter.

We hope we've been able to share enough of the fun with you. Stay with us for 2013, and if you are a player: don't forget to keep submitting your performances to our Global Jazz Harp Calendar! If you are a listener: check it out regularly, it doesn't happen all too often that a jazz harp performance is on close to you, so don't miss out on the rare chances. And let us try all together to make it a little less rare!
Thank you for listening! Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot | iJHF
International Jazzharp Foundation info@jazzharp.org