Jazzharp.org newsletter - February 2013
'The most valuable and enjoyable harp read out there'
- Jade Barnaby, Melbourne, Australia

Contents of this newsletter
- New in our downloads shop: Park Stickney & Brandee Younger
- Spotlight on: Brandee Younger
- Launching... Kurt's Corner!
- Courses and workshops coming up this Summer
- Liza Wallace report from Chile
- IJHF Happy Birthday Jam video report
- Youtube tip: Stephanie Bennett in bizarre Bowie/Beck project

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New in our downloads shop:
Park Stickney & Brandee Younger

As from today, you can download all of Park Stickney's albums from our downloads shop! Get the full album or choose your tracks, listen and enjoy right away! You can check out samples for each and every song.
Do you like pedaling? Then download his Dirty Laundry Rag as a PDF and start practising today!
The Park Pages in the shop:

Also, we welcome a 'brand' new artist in our shop: Brandee Younger. Well, she's not a new artist of course, but she is to our shop.
Check out her music at
http://www.jazzharp.org/shop.php?c=0&a=34 and do read the Spotlight on interview below.
Spotlight on: Brandee Younger
New York City harpist Brandee Younger is currently presenting a great Dorothy Ashby tribute project. Time for us to get in touch with her and get some questions answered to inspire you.

Read the interview here:
Here's the official bio:

Also worth a read, an interview with Brandee by Kimberly Rowe of Harp Column about the Dorothy Ashby project:
Learnin' Learnin' Learnin'... simple and free!

To help you actually LEARN to play jazz harp, we asked our iJHF education professional and saxophone player Kurt Schwab to develop a series of short and simple video lessons.

We're happy to be able to present the first one of these educational tidbits today in a brand new section of our website:
Kurt's Corner!

The first lesson is about
making a "chord based riff" sound more interesting. If this sounds complicated already, don't worry - it's not! Just grab your harp, watch the video, and play along! http://www.jazzharp.org/pagina.php?id=262
Courses & workshops coming up this Summer
Here's a selection to start with, keep an eye out and regularly check our website for more.
New Orleans Jazz & Pop Harp Weekend - June 6-9
With all kinds of Jazz, Blues and Pop related lessons. Featuring Deborah Henson-Conant as a guest teacher, including a solo concert.
iJHF workshops @ Somerset Folkharp Festival - July 18-21
For the second consecutive year, the iJHF will be presenting jazz workshops at Somerset in Parsippanny, NJ, USA. This year, Sabine Meijers will be conducting 3 fun sessions: Harping from Lead Sheets, Theoretically Speaking, and Jam Together! Plus, you'll be able to develop your jazz and blues skills with Martha Gallagher, Maeve Gilchrist and Patrice Fisher as well.
Park Stickney's Swiss Jazz Harp Camp - August 18-24
Five days of intense jazz harp study involving daily workshops, masterclasses, mini private lessons, and time to practice. Including performance opportunities, bbq on the beach, cheese raclette and lots of fun! Teachings in English and French.
Festival report from Chile
by Liza Wallace, including video
In this nice write-up, Liza tells us about her festival performance experience in Chile. She also explains how she plays (and sings) jazz:

'There were fifteen other harpists from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, and France… I was the only pedal harpist. Everyone thought I was crazy to play such a large and heavy harp. They thought I was even more crazy when I jumped into the ocean when we went to the beach (the water is very cold along the coast of Chile) but I am San Francisco girl, what can I say.'

'As I am also a singer, I mostly write pieces for harp and voice and sing while I play. Between my left hand carrying the bass, my right hand comping and filling the harmony and contrapuntal contours, and my voice carrying the melody, I can create a Jazz trio type arrangement just with the pedal harp and my singing.'

'People were dancing in the aisles all three nights!'

Read the full article here: http://www.jazzharp.org/pagina.php?id=261

And don't forget to check out the accompanying Youtube movies:
http://youtu.be/OjdMBqsFU5U Into your heart
http://youtu.be/XyjydILSbK8 Cry me a river
iJHF Happy Birthday Jam video report
Thank you, and enjoy!

In November 2012, the iJHF celebrated its 5th Anniversary in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. A fun filled day with masterclasses by Park Stickney, a How-to-survive-a-jam-session-crash-course by Kurt Schwab, and a great Happy Birthday Jam Session led by Kurt and opened by Park.

This video report is a big thank you to all participants and audience, Park, Kurt and the band, and all our friends, students, fans, affiliates, advisors and contacts who have made these 5 years swingin' & wonderful!
Enjoy! And make sure to keep yourself informed of any future iJHF events;)
Youtube tip
Stephanie Bennett in Sound and Vision
Stephanie informed us about this great project that she is a part of.
In 'HELLO, AGAIN', Beck is recreating David Bowie's
Sound and Vision in a bizarre live, 'surround sound' performance. Over 150 multi-ethnic artists will be on stage, including an orchestra, a collegiate drum line, a row of electric guitarists, a musical saw, modular synthesizers, a Theremin player, a yodeler, 2 different choirs, a range of percussionists from around the world, the Dap-Kings, and ... a harpist!
The '360 degree experience' Sound and Vision performance has just been uploaded to youtube yesterday and already got over 60.000 views! http://youtu.be/QnOmrDzRrGQ

Also watch this behind the scenes video with a nice bit by Stephanie as well:
Here's about rehearsals and technology:

Oh, and you might also want to check out the original by David Bowie:
Thank you for listening! Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot | iJHF
International Jazzharp Foundation info@jazzharp.org