Jazzharp.org newsletter - December 2014 Holiday Special

Hi everyone!

We intended to send you a brief Christmas wish...

Then we ended up with a full-bodied newsletter, stuffed with education opportunities, artist news, tips & discussion and...
Holiday gifts!

So read on below and enjoy:)

Wishing you a jazzy Christmas time
and a joyful 2015!

Sabine and Brenda
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London, UK
| February 1, 2015

Holywell Harps in London will host a jazzharp workshop day for players of nearly all ages and levels. Beginning jazz harpists will get a fun and step-by-step introduction by Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot with workshops like 'Jazz & Blues Demystified'. Players with a little bit of jazz experience can come over to refresh their knowledge and inspiration and add some new. For those who participated in the Jazz Harp Academy or who enjoyed other intensive jazz learning before (e.g. with Skaila Kanga & Park Stickney), JHF jazz professional Kurt Schwab will be there for a jolly and intensive recap.
More info on
Lausanne, Switzerland
| Auditions in April 2015

Honestly, which harp student with serious jazz aspirations wóuldn't want this?!
- an actual degree in jazz harp (Jazz Bachelor, or Mixed Master)
- regularly studying with Park Stickney, and Letizia Belmondo
- at a very harp friendly, personalized and quality music institute
- for an incredibly modest tuition fee
- in the most beautiful country in the world (lots of hiking & skiing in the Alps!)
As of now, this is actually possible, at the Haute École de Musique in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Auditions are in April (application deadline March 1), and preparing for that alone is already a great boost for your jazz playing.
Here is the Admission Programme.
More admission information as well as general information on degrees and curriculum can be found
here. And do feel free to contact Park personally with any questions you may have, at park@jazzharp.com. He will also be available to coach your audition preparations.
For those who don't have actual student years to spend, there is always Park Stickney's bi-annual jazz harp camp. If you are interested, please check in with Park about details, a 2015 camp is taking shape right now.
Hilversum, The Netherlands
| Auditions on January 12 & 13, 2015

Rosetty, who for many years served as the principal harpist of The Metropole Orchestra, the world's leading pop & jazz orchestra, just informed us of this great opportunity:
The Metropole Orchestra has launched the
Metropole Academy, a talent development program for conservatory students.
The 2015 program consists of 4 project weeks. Signup deadline is January 4th, auditions are on January 12 & 13 in the Metropole Studios in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Note: There is a seperate program for observing participants.
Download the registration form & additional info
A Holiday Blues Gift

We could have included this in the Education section above, but there is a GIFT involved... So here's to start off the Artist News & Holiday Gifts: a personal note from Deborah to you:

I have a very special Pre-Holiday Gift for you that I hope you’ll enjoy!
It’s a
Free BLUES Video Mini-Training from my upcoming BLUES-HarpStyle Course. The full course begins in January – but YOU can have a mini-lesson right now!
>> Sign up for the free mini-lesson here:
>> Learn about the full course here:
>> And join my “First to Know” list for info on ALL my courses (plus notification of “Early-Bird Discounts”!), click here:
I hope to see you all online – or in person - soon!
Lori's List of Must-Haves for DIY Marketing & Free Christmas song

The Holiday season is all about sharing. And Lori does a great share;) of this by presenting us her list of
'Must-Haves' for Do It Yourself marketing.
Are you a New Year's Resolutions person? Why not put 'Work through Lori's Must-Haves' right next to 'Amp up the promotion of my career' on your list.
Oh, and for now, don't forget to bring a camera to as many gigs as possible (
read on to see why) and get your free Christmas song from Lori's 'Going Home' CD using the link at the bottom of the article (full album download available in the Jazz Harp Shop).
Solo concert tour and CD release in January & Arboreal Holiday Gift

Isn't Park, 47 strings and 7 pedals sometimes just all you need to enjoy jazz harp? Well, here you go: after a Philadelphia, USA, appearance on January 16, he is off to a 10 concert solo tour in Germany. And right now, he is preparing his new solo album "All Harp - Globe Live" for release end of January 2015! Join
Park Stickney's Harplab Facebook page to receive updates.

And for your Holiday (gig) enjoyment, here is Park's arboreal gift for you: his 'pay what you want, if you want'
jazz version of 'O Christmas Tree'. Under this link, you can find a PDF download and a Soundcloud track of Park playing it himself!
Carnegie Hall concert & new album coming up!

We asked Edmar Castaneda about his plans for 2015. 2 milestones are awaiting him. The first is a Carnegie Hall appearance (!) for the Edmar Castaneda Trio and his wife and vocalist Andrea Tierra. The second is the recording of a new album, with the Edmar Castaneda Trio and World Ensemble, for which he was just writing the music when we caught up with him yesterday. Check out the Youtube tips below to watch a great video compilation of their recent performance, featuring a whole bunch of very fine musicians, including our all time favorite trombone player Marshall Gilkes.
Billy Childs Grammy Nomination & Festival Appearances

Next to solo performance and leading one's own combo, there's yet another choice of focus for jazz harpists. How about joining a quality ensemble as a side(wo)man? This can be of great value to both the harpist and the ensemble and it brings our instrument straight into the core of the jazz world.
Carol Robbins is jazz harp's example as a valued member of the Billy Childs Chamber Ensemble. Billy Childs, who just earned 3 Grammy nominations for his CD "Map To The Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro". It's been recorded this year and played at The Monterey Jazz festival with vocalists Shaun Colvin, Becca Stevens and Lisa Fischer. Carol played on all tracks, and guest jazz artists include Wayne Shorter, Esperanza Spaulding and Diane Reeves. Their 2015 appearances include the Newport Jazz Festival. Now that's what we call the core of the jazz world ;).
(picture: Carol and her husband with Billy Childs at the Grammy's in 2011)
Brutus, by Trilobit | original jazz from Sweden

A one of a kind release by Stina's harp/guitar/bass trio Trilobit. Their band name refers to a fossil group of extinct marine arthropods, however their music is all but extinct. It has a distinct sound, which is not all that surprising given its origin: Sweden (not exactly 'your average jazz country'). Another unique aspect of this album: it is mainly released on LP. Both the LP and the CD are available in the Jazz Harp Shop.
Christa's Presents | a holiday jazz album

Christa's Presents is an extended version of her earlier EP
Moonlight on Snow. The new album features additional jazz trio selections with Kurt Krahnke and Pete Siers, and 2 tracks with Andrew Wu, violin.
Selections available in the Jazz Harp Webshop:
- Moonlight on Snow EP
- MP3 downloads of Have Yourself... and Violets for your Furs
- PDF downloads and physical sheet music for most of Christa's jazz harp arrangements, including Have Yourself..., In the Bleak Midwinter, Moonlight on Snow, and Silent Night.
Check our complete Christa Grix product page here:

Greetings adorers of all things harp!

This version of
Talkback with Trista takes a different spin as so many now are now in the throes of holiday celebrations. Where I am in the United States, the weather is colder, it’s darker, and the holiday season means many opportunities to play holiday music.

And sometimes we’re faced with the challenge of keeping that holiday music interesting! How have you been doing so? We’d love to hear what you’ve been working on this season in our
Jazz Harp Academy Facebook group!

The first reply is by me, telling you about my musical adventures with songs from
A Charlie Brown Christmas (see Youtube tips below to listen).
What new pieces did you challenge yourself with this season? How do you ensure you don’t burn yourself out on holiday music? What have you been wanting to do but have been afraid to try? (Hint: Does it need to be in another key? Could it be played at another rhythm or tempo?). And have you seen that Park Stickney’s “O Christmas Tree”?

We want to hear from you -
click here to add your two (four, 6/8) cents about how your Jazz Harp swings with the Holidays.

Together we shape what jazz harp is and will become. Now is the perfect time, this is the perfect space. Join the Holiday Jazz Harp discussion and riff on Jazz + Harp!
See you there!
The Dusty Harp Pickup

A newcomer in the shop since this Summer is the Dusty Harp Pickup.
Whether you want to spare your fingertips at your Holiday gigs, beautifully blend in with a jazz ensemble, or even fire away at big event stages; this steady mounted harp pickup system with 4 piezo elements ensures quality and hassle free amplification of your harp in all circumstances.
We regularly carry both the P20 model for installation in lever harps, and the P30 model for pedal harps.
Here's the sound equipment product page:
Intervals Roasting... the Music Theory Song
Despite the questionable vocal qualities quite an amusing way to present music theory in the Holiday season:)
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi Trio
Check out 'Talkback with Trista' on the Jazz Harp Academy FB group to see how can inspire Holiday jazz harp playing:)
Edmar Castaneda World Ensemble
Edmar's World Ensemble Live at the Jazz Standard. Here's a video compilation of their recent performance, in anticipation of the album they will be recording in 2015.
*Holiday discount: 10% off all CDs, DVDs, sheet music and downloads ordered in the Jazz Harp Shop before January 1st, 2015.
Happy Holidays, keep up the jazz & see you next time!
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