Jazzharp.org Summer newsflash
Hi everyone,

We're all energy!
The Somerset Folk Harp Festival has taken off, and we are already planning some great Jazz Harp events for 2016.

Even more reason for smiles: the Jazz Harp family has just expanded:)

This newsflash will be followed by a full newsletter that is all about education. It'll be quite extensive, but should you have any suggestions for contributions or other lingering questions, let us know!
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Somerset Folk Harp Festival is in full swing!
It is one of the most broad-spectrum, education-packed and fun-filled events we know. And very successfully so: this year a complete sell-out was announced many weeks ahead of time!
JHF workshops
For this edition, US Jazz Harp Foundation representative Trista Hill will be running the JHF booth in the vendor hall ànd presenting some fun and instructive workshops.
Did you manage to get in as a participant? If you want jazzy fun while learning bits that will be sure to infuse your playing at home, join her
Harpy Little Big Band ensemble sessions. If you are looking for some guidance creating your very own 'songs without words', then make sure you don't miss her Creative Composing class.
Silent disco... ehh... silent harping
Also, come by at the booth for your Free Less-than-7-minute-Kurt's-Corner-iPad-lessons at the electric harp. You can try the Camac DHC Blue Light, learn some jazz basics, and jam with our virtual live band at the same time. It's just the harp, the band and you, with headphones: silent harping!
The Three Musketeers of Jazz Harp
Jazz harp will be very well represented this year at Somerset. Super-organiser Kathy De Angelo managed to draw in three of the most ground-breaking figures in jazz harp today: Edmar Castaneda, Deborah Henson-Conant ànd Jakez François, who will all play, teach, and be sharing the fun this weekend!
Go learn, meet, laugh, play and enjoy!

2 years ago at Somerset, Sabine Meijers taught both jazz harp and 'the art of eating Dutch traditional biscuit-with-mice' on the day that JHF-partner-in-crime Brenda gave birth to her son David. This year, Trista is at Somerset while Sabine herself is feasting on the sweet Dutch birth-treat! Her beautiful son Ferre was born on May 21st, and is very welcome as the youngest Jazz Harp Family member! As a fun token of celebration, Sabine's student and jazz harp enthusiast Nelleke made him the first ever I-love-jazz-harp infant romper suit! Might we add this to the JHF merchandise one day...?
And while Sabine is busy with diapers, milk, and preparations for 2016 (see below...!), and Trista is covering at Somerset, Brenda is gearing up for a week of Blues and more at the Island Mountain Arts International Harp School in the Canadian Cariboo Mountains. It's August 17-21 - there are still a few slots left!

If you are already looking ahead to NEXT Summer, here's a great opportunity in a beautiful and inspiring setting! This is the first of 2 big jazz harp events we are preparing to take place in 2016:
Invited by and together with Cristina Braga, we are presenting the July 2016 Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion. A 10-day leap into jazz with a special focus on Brazillian Latin Jazz, on Cristina's gorgeous retreat in the Atlantic Forest near Rio de Janeiro. Are you ready to immerse yourself in body-and-soul-moving rhythm and dive into the world of Bossa Nova and Samba?
More info on


The upcoming edition of the Jazz Harp Newsletter will be an
Education Special. It will include info on education programs from Jazz Bachelors and Masters degrees to beginners courses, an interview with Felice Pomeranz about her Berklee College of Music harp class and teachings, new releases of educational jazz harp publications, and more.
This will go hand in hand with an important update of the Jazz Harp Foundation website's education section.
If you have info that you think is imperative to mention, please shoot us an email asap and we will see if we can include it. Thank you!
A great and swinging Summer to all of you!
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