Jazzharp.org newsflash - Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion #2
Hi everyone,

Your chances at
10 days of Jazz Harp Happiness in Brazil just improved!

Don't you just love people who donate some of
their money so that you can learn (more) jazz harp? They enabled us to lower the Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion course price with $280 !

We will celebrate this by extending the current 2nd round Scholarship Contest deadline until
March 28. This gives you some extra time to consider your possibilities to join us in Brazil in July, and to record your 2 songs for a chance to win a $400 or $500 scholarship!

Read on below for some great reasons to join.
Full details at
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July 5-15, 2016

What's in it for you?
A complete 10-day experience including lessons, sessions, sunrise walks, campfires, dance parties, meals and lodging at the gorgeous Uaná Etê Music Garden!

Separate curriculums varying from truly advanced to I-can-play-the-harp-but-never-actually-played-jazz-before.

Focus on Brazilian Latin Jazz, while also improving your general jazz knowledge & proficiency.

Top international faculty of harpists and non-harpist specialists, fully motivated to share their expertise and experience with you.

Fellow students from 4 different continents: a global network of like-minded harp friends for years to come!

Jazz tradition & freedom of expression
Chunky theory & the art of improvisation
Atlantic forest atmosphere & Brazilian cultural heritage
Campfires & good company
We hope to see you in Brazil next Summer!

And if you can't join this course, check out the
Global Jazz harp Calendar regularly for alternative jazz harp learning around the world!
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