Jazzharp.org newsletter - Education Special #1
Hi everyone,

We hope that your Christmas was a merry one, and that you enjoyed playing your own jazzed up Christmas songs or at least a few nice arrangements at your gigs or at home.

Now, let's have a look at the upcoming year. In 2016, we will especially focus on education. It is the main goal of our Foundation, and a life long need for most players.
While there is still room for improvement, we are happy to say that
by now, there are jazz harp learnings available throughout the year, on all levels and in many places, both live and online. You just have to know where to find them...

We aim to be your source today! In this newsletter, and the following issues, we want to share a range of opportunities for all levels.
Do you have info to share that we might not know about yet? Check in with us and your peers in the
Jazz Harp Academy Facebook group, or email us at info@jazzharp.org.
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The story of Carina & Rosetty @ Fontys Tilburg, The Netherlands

The opportunities to get a Bachelor or Master degree in jazz harp are finally expanding. Still, the first student (and/or teacher) setting out on such a journey at a professional music institute will often have to fight for their rightful place in the curriculum.
Today, we are sharing the stories and challenges of Carina, the first Dutch jazz harp bachelor, and her teacher Rosetty.
Find out who else has done it before, and how, in the upcoming issues of our newsletter.
The 1st Jazz Harp Guest Blog, by Carina Backhuijs
In her first blog, Carina shares her passion about jazz harp playing, and her current endeavour to raise much needed money to get 'much needed punch': today is the last day of her crowdfunding campaign - the goal: her own electroacoustic harp!

I have to find my way in a world that looks like it isn’t made for the harp. But it is the best and funnest challenge I have ever done.

More blogs will follow, by Carina & by others.
Read it at
https://jazzharp.silvrback.com/, and don't forget to subscribe!
Teacher interview with Rosetty

Rosetty was clasically educated, yet already a performing singer-songwriter when she started playing the harp. A conservatory director once threatened her to throw her out of school for pursuing her development in jazz and pop, but she persisted and spent 35 years doing just that. Nowadays, she teaches classical music students about jazz harmonisation and improvisation, contributing to the harp earning its very own place in pop, jazz and world music.

Read the interview here
A selection for all levels
In jazz harp education, we find workshops, master classes and multiple day courses on one side of the spectrum, and long term professional education on the other.
To try and fill a gap in between, we are running a pilot with an extended course in The Netherlands.
Also, one can take steady private lessons for ongoing learnings and inspiration; there are live and online options, and we're happy to connect you to the right teacher if you wish.
Jazz Harp Foundation & Harp Studio Rotterdam

January 9, the first Jazz Harp Trimester Course will start in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This new setup provides a series of private lessons with two teachers - a non-harpist jazz professional and a harpist with jazz focus - finishing off with a play-along group session. A true jumpstart for those just embarking on the jazz path, and a serious step forward for the more experienced jazz harp students.
More info at

PS. Also on
January 9 in Rotterdam: the 2nd Jazz Harp Academy Recap Day with Kurt Schwab. Join in for some fresh inspiration! Email us at info@jazzharp.org.
All inclusive, super intensive!

The experience of a lifetime might be awaiting you this Summer in the Atlantic forest near Rio de Janeiro! Together with Cristina Braga, the Jazz Harp Foundation is organising a 10-day all inclusive intensive jazz harp experience at Cristina's
Uana-Ete Music Garden. A star faculty including Cristina Braga, Carol Robbins, Felice Pomeranz, Kurt Schwab and others will guide you through a thorough and fun curriculum of jazz and latin, and we'll all enjoy drumming, dancing, Brazilian culture and campfires together.

July 5-15, 2016 are the dates to block in your calendar. The Cuco Early Bird deadline ends today and you can extend it by joining the Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion Scholarship Contest (contest deadline is February 15, and participants get to profit from the Cuco Early Bird price until 5 days after publication of the results).
Curica kind-of-early-bird-deadline ends on April 1, 2016.

Have a look at the extensive course contents, preliminary schedule and great faculty line-up at
An international (jazz) harp party not to be missed

Time to reveal some more details about the upcoming Jazz Harp Academy!

Jazz Harp Academy will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on October 12-15, 2016.
It will feature a multiple day intensive course starting on Thursday and an array of workshops on Friday and Saturday. On the faculty you will find the all-time-favorite Academy teacher Kurt Schwab, and, returning to the Academy for the 3rd time: Park Stickney! They will be joined by some new names, which we will keep as a surprise just a little while longer... (first hint: they are from very different parts of Europe, and they cover distinctive jazz styles on pedal harp and lever harp).

Dutch Harp Festival on October 15 & 16 will have an extensive jazz harp programming. The line-up will be announced later on, but be prepared for a whirlwind festival experience presenting big names and original talents in a wide variety of styles.
Dive into jazz at these signature festivals in Europe & the USA

If you have been contemplating to visit the
Edinburgh International Harp Festival or the Somerset Folkharp Festival before: here's your chance to do so and bring home an extra portion of jazz learning while you're at it.

April 1-6, 2016, Park Stickney will be teaching and performing at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. Join their mailing list on www.harpfestival.co.uk to get the details as soon as they become available.

Kathy DeAngelo of the
Somerset Folk Harp Festival traditionally launches the festival line-up on January 1st, so be sure to check www.somersetharpfest.com tomorrow! The 2016 edition will feature a big time event with Deborah Henson-Conant. The dates: July 21-24, 2016. Just so you know: they completely sold out ahead of time last year, so register early.
A great and swinging New Year to all of you!
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