Jazzharp.org newsletter - Jazz Harp Academy 2016 Special / Education Special #2
Hi everyone,

'YES, there wíll be a Jazz Harp Academy 2016 in October!
And YES, you can still be part of it!'

We were thrilled the moment we could hurl this sentence into the harp world. First through our fastest communication tool: Facebook & Twitter. And now to you, dear Jazz Harp Newsletter readers.

Thrilled, because a little while ago we feared it wouldn't be possible at all this year. It was the toughest Academy to realize in our almost-10-year existence. Not only because time seems to travel faster every year, but also because funding had to be shared with many other initiatives. But we regrouped, focused and got the most interesting result you can imagine.
18 Workshops & Specials, a 3-day Intensive Course for the die-hards, 14+ workshop teachers, and 7+ jazz performers programmed at the Dutch Harp Festival, which is happening at the same time in the same place!
Viva perseverance, positiveness and a good bunch of luck!

Book your course or workshop now! Go to
www.jazzharpacademy.org and check out the 3-day Intensive Course and our 18 Workshops & Specials!

What else in this newsletter?
- Jazz Harp Academy 2016, as diverse as it gets
- Dutch Harp Festival Jazz Highlights
- News from the Board
- 'VIP's' Choice for JHA&DHF16
- Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion - the PIM project
- Teacher interview with Felice Pomeranz

We aim to be your Jazz Harp education source today, sharing a range of opportunities for all levels. Do you have info that doesn't appear here or on
our website yet? Check in with us and your peers in the Jazz Harp Academy Facebook group, or email us at info@jazzharp.org.
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18 Workshops & Specials, a 3-day Intensive and 14 workshop teachers!

True. Not everything will be jazz this year...

Our challenge was to explore the borders of the genre, and if possible cross them as many times we can;) The result is an interesting mix of workshops.

Whether you are a Frescobaldi-like Baroque person and want to learn about 16th century improvisation from Constance Allanic or you want to do some micro-improvisation in a Folk improv workshop with Savourna Stevenson. Check the schedule! Because it's there. You may want to Swing it with Park Stickney's Pink Panther workshop, or Sing it with Habiba in 'Write a popsong'. Or you might be into heavy rock, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), or... well, jazz!
There just is so much to do, so go and check it out
You can do a single workshop or follow a complete themed route:
Jazz | Improv | Folk | Pop&Rock | Kids | All Musicans Route.
Don't know what to choose? Just shaking off
all your borders in a Free improv workshop à la Grande Dame Alice Coltrane could be perfect for you!
Are you a jazz harp die-hard? Then go for our
3-day Intensive, this year geared towards harpists who have already had their share of jazz (harp) education.

Excited? Check out
www.jazzharpacademy.org and book your tickets now!

Oh, and don't miss out on Arnaud Roy and Benjamin Creighton Griffiths: you might not only catch them on stage, but also in their Sound Design Laboratory.

The workshop program is a combination of the Jazz Harp Academy & Dutch Open Harp Day, realized in collaboration with the
Dutch Harp Society and Dutch Folk Harp Society.
over 9 improvising or jazz/pop harping artists!

Dutch Harp Festival has now announced their full festival program. Expect over 30 concerts, workshops and lectures over the course of two days. There will also be a large exposition of harps from manufacturers, sheet music and other harp paraphernalia.

Harps Without Borders is the slogan of the Dutch Harp Festival, led by top harpist Remy van Kesteren. This edition is more than ever a musical feast, where boundless, good music reigns.
jazz harpists will account for a good share of that party!
Come and enjoy performances by Park Stickney, Remy van Kesteren and his band, Nobody's Cult with Lena Woods, Benjamin Creighton Griffiths, Charles Overton, Arnaud Roy, Savourna Stevenson, Laura Perrudin, Martin Fondse, the Netherlands Youth Jazz Orchestra, and many more.

We have to keep some secrets, but we can advise you NOT to miss the opening concert on the 15th, and prepare to stay up late that night ;)
Welcome and...

We are delighted to have welcomed 3 new board members on the Jazz Harp Foundation's Board of Directors earlier this year. Yvonne Nassar, Frank Dor and Tineke Verheij have agreed to join Igor List and Koen Eijkholt on our Board, and they have elected Frank Dor to serve as president.
Founding members Sabine Meijers and Brenda Dor-Groot stepped down from the Board of Directors but are - of course - as active as ever. They form the JHF executive team, and will focus on organising events like the Jazz Harp Academy and Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion amongst other educational goals. Also, you will find them at collegue-events like the Edinburgh Harp Festival, the Somerset Harp Festival and others as much as possible.

We are ever so happy to every now and then consult and be advised by our revered Advisory Board, headed by Felice Pomeranz, and further consisting of Matt Marvuglio, Johan Clement, Kurt Schwab, Deborah Henson-Conant, Park Stickney and Carrol McLauglin.

'VIP's' sharing their personal favorites for the Dutch October Harp Feasts

Let's take a closer look at the Jazz Harp Academy & Dutch Harp Festival collaboration programme...
Frank Dor; music addict, transplant surgeon ànd chairman of the JHF unveils his personal highlights:

- The Classical Musician's Jazz Workshop
The fun of this workshop is that non-harpists and classical musicians (like me) can learn about jazz and improvisation. Beautifully in line with the motto of the Jazz Harp Foundation: 'enriching the harp world with jazz and the jazz world with harp'. In this case 'enriching the classical world with jazz' :).
So if you are a double bassist, a timpanist or a clarinettist: come and 'enrich yourself with jazz & improvisational skills'!
And then I would try to bring the newly acquired skills into practise immediately in the
How-to-survive-a-jam-session-crash-course on Sunday.

- Funky Stuff
I have often heard Park Stickney. And that is, guaranteed, always great. But now in a very different setting, with a youth jazz orchestra! This is something close to my heart, as a Rotterdam Youth Symphony Orchestra alumnus. Also, new jazz talents like Charles Overton will be presented here and that, I think, is very important!

The next
CHOICE OF... will be published on our Facebook page, sharing the personal favorites of Manja Smits; chairman of the Dutch Harp Society, performing harpist, and Professor of Harp at Artez Conservatory.
The PIM project

The Project for Integration through Music (PIM) is an innovative and inspirational music education program that focuses primarily on children with the least resources and greatest needs. PIM reaches children from many different, often poor social economic backgrounds and promotes music as a fundamental tool for the education of new generations and as a mean of social development.

A couple of years ago, Camac provided some harps for the project and Rayana Zecca do Val, a harpist from Vassouraz and student of Cristina Braga, started teaching the harp there. By now she has a class of six young harpists! This Summer, the Jazz Harp Foundation, together with Cristina Braga and the staff of Uanà Eté created a challenging but fun program for the 6 girls. While the BraJaHI (
Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion) students where diving into Bootcamps, combo training and intensive Jazz Harp lessons with Carol Robbins, Felice Pomeranz, Cristina Braga, Kurt Schwab and Ricardo Medeiros, the girls were having fun learning improvisational skills from Brenda and Sabine through all kinds of games and musical adventures.
Watch the
video we've made of these inspirational and enjoyable days.
with Felice Pomeranz

As a prelude to the Festival Artist Interview with Charles Overton in our next issue, we would like to share this great Q&A we had a little while ago with his teacher Felice Pomeranz. Felice is professor of harp at Berklee College of Music and head of the Advisory Board for the Jazz Harp Foundation. She has been very active in the American Harp Society, serving many roles, including chairman of the Board of Directors.

'Today and tomorrow’s harpist needs to be a well rounded and versatile musician.'

Felice has been a teacher and performer at festivals throughout the US, Europe, Australia, South America and the Caribbean, including the Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion this Summer. Her classical and popular arrangements are available in our
webshop, as well has her recordings Tomorrow’s Dream, Felicidade and her instructional DVD Jazzy Beginnings, and the playalong CD/workbook Harp in the Band, Vol.1.
Her newest book:
Berklee Harp (book with online audio) has been specially designed to help harpists to improve their understanding of harmony & chord progressions, and develop their ability to improvise.

Read the interview here
Thanks for listening, and we hope to see many of you soon in Utrecht!
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