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Hi everyone,

Here's a good portion of news about the adventurous projects of many jazz harpists around the world. We are committed to support and promote them, as well as to guide and inspire you in your aspirations to learn and share all things jazz harp. Check out our brand new funding opportunities for your jazz harp jam sessions!

New: the Jazz Harp Jam Session Startup Support
Coming up: 3 festivals featuring jazz harp concerts & workshops
Online learning: Hip Harp Academy, Harp School
New Releases: 3 new albums and a great new method
Youtube tips: 1 Man Band & Inside Brubecker

We aim to be your jazz harp source today! Through our newsletter, our
website and facebook page, by email response and live, we want to share a range of opportunities for all levels.
Do you have info to share that we might not know about yet? Check in with us and your peers in the
Jazz Harp Academy Facebook group, or email us at info@jazzharp.org.
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Organize your local Jazz Harp Jam and get your 1st edition sponsored by JHF

Jam Sessions are great opportunities to get band playing experience, meet fellow musicians, and make yourself heard. However, to walk into a 'regular' jam session with a harp, and actually get on stage with the obvious bunch of guitar, piano and sax players, bass players and drummers, requires quite some courage and experience.

Organizing your own local Jazz Harp Jam is a great way to gain some of that experience, provide a low-key occasion to play for your fellow harpists and other musicians, and create an opportunity to invite other musicians, students, and listeners and show them what jazz harp is about!

Therefore, the Jazz Harp Foundation has decided to give out up to 4 Jazz Harp Jam donations of €150 every year. And YOU can apply for one if you organize your own local Jazz Harp Jam Session. The donation is specifically aimed at supporting your 1st edition with the objective to gather enough buzz, connections and promotional material there to become self-sufficient for future editions.

Check this page for more details, as well as any best practices and images you may want to share to help and inspire each other.
1st Jazz Harp Jam in London this Sunday
February 5th, 2.00-5.00pm @ Saint Marks Regent's Park

Tara Minton, Susannah Evans, and Brenda Dor-Groot, three London based harpists with a passion for jazz, joined forces as the LondonJazzHarpers. They are hosting a
Jazz Harp Jam this weekend, and are the first to receive the JHF Jazz Harp Jam Session Startup Support. Their aim is to make this a regular opportunity to play and get together, so if you can't make it now, stay tuned for the next one around May.

Harps will be available (pedal and lever, acoustic and electro-acoustic) for anyone who wants to have a go. And most importantly, a great rhythm section will be awaiting you with Ed Babar on bass, and Tom Early on drums. All musicians and listeners are welcome!
Check their
Facebook page and the Jazzharp.org Jam Session page next week for the next date, images, and their pilot-edition experience.
Concerts & workshops by Tara Minton, Deborah Henson-Conant, and Park Stickney

On February 10, the Tara Minton Trio will kick-off the 3-day Grand Opening Festival celebrating the opening of Camac Harpen Nederland in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Tara will also teach a workshop on the 11th. You can complement your jazz harp experience this weekend with teachings and concerts by Anneleen Lenaerts, principal harpist of the Wiener Philharmoniker, the multi-talented Breton harpist Nicolaz Cadoret, and more.
On March 4 & 5 the 2017 Cardiff Camac Harp Weekend will take place at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales, UK. Come and enjoy concerts full of original songs and storytelling by both Tara Minton and Deborah Henson-Conant. The festival features an array of workshops as well. Other performers and tutors include Gabriella Dall/Olio, Ben Creighton Griffiths, Shelly Fairplay, and Eleanor Turner.
On April 22, the annual Seduced by Harps festival in Lommel, Belgium, is featuring a great collaboration between Park Stickney and Fabrice Pierre. Gear up for a spectacular battle of two of the most brilliant harpists around. They are absolute masters in their genre, and as we have been secretly told, they will enter the ring simultaneously to defend it.... Friendly fire guaranteed!
Check our Global Jazz Harp Calendar for info on all upcoming concerts and workshops that we know of (and add your own!)
Opportunities to learn in your own corner of the world

Online learning is getting more and more common. Good news for harpists worldwide, and especially for those not living in jazz-harp-dense area's like Western Europe, Boston/New York or Los Angeles.
We would like to present some opportunities here, and regularly on our website and facebook page & group. Please write us if you know about opportunities that we are currently not listing anywhere.
Hip Harp Academy

Let's start off with a tutor who made a science out of designing elaborate online teaching and coaching programmes: Deborah Henson-Conant.
She has even created the online Hip Harp Academy which includes courses in arrangement, harmony and performance specifically for harp players.

The upcoming open course @ Hip Harp Academy is
Hands on Harmony - a full-day virtual retreat for all-levels on Sat. March 25. The retreat begins with scales, modes and chord-building – all specifically for harp (lever & pedal) - and continues all the way to altered, extended and substitute chords, modulation techniques and 4th-built chords – all with examples and workouts specifically for harp. Up next is Blues Harp-Style - a multiple session blues training, from April 1 - May 14.
For more info, and to obtain the
How to Psyche out Jazz Chords for Harp pdf download, Deborah is inviting you to join 'Hip Harp Academy Free Level' here.
Harp School

Harp School is an initiative by French harpist Evélina Simon, offering video lessons on songs and topics in jazz, blues and pop, amongst many other genres. There are 'Learn the Harp' courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced level, as well as tons of separate lessons on single songs or techniques and masterclasses. Masterclass teachers currently include Pia Salvia, Deborah Henson-Conant, Cheyenne Brown, Ameylia Saad Wu, Amy Turk, and Adriano Sangineto.
You can join Harp School for a duration of 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year.
Have a look at
www.harp-school.com to see if this is for you!
Jazz Harp is Happening! We are happy to present 3 CDs full of originals, and a great new method.
Taylor Street
Carol Robbins

'[Dorothy] Ashby set the standard for jazz harp and Robbins seems to be carrying the torch like an Olympic runner.'
- Dee Dee McNeil

As you can see, Carol's new album got rave reviews right away. It contains 9 of her own originals, recorded with some of the best jazz players around, including no one less than Billy Childs on piano and Fender Rhodes.

'...The lineup of iconic West Coast musicians is impressive and I suspected I was in for a treat. I was correct. ... Carol Robbins is a wonderful composer and her melodic songs appear to inspire creativity, prodding these musicians to bring their best to the studio. ... All in all, this is a well-produced, well-composed and very swinging production that properly introduces us to Carol Robbins and her jazz harp in a most prolific way.'
– Dee Dee McNeil, https://musicalmemoirs.wordpress.com/

We can't help but just keep quoting these reviews, especially when they surprisingly start mentioning the Jazz Harp Foundation...!

'For those of you who are not true devotees of jazz harp, you might be surprised to learn that there is an active community which is dedicated to the genre.' (That's you, that's us!) 'All one has to do is check out the web site for the Jazz Harp Foundation to see the list of individuals who are currently playing the instrument, including Carol Robbins.'
- Pierre Giroux, Audiophile Audition

Available in the jazzharp.org webshop
1 Man Band
Ben Creighton Griffiths
- CD release concert on February 4 in Cardiff, Wales, UK

Ben is a young player who has set out on his own creative journey with a bit of a different flavour. His previous album
Pedals & Paws featured his suite for jazz harp, a five movement composition inspired by the daily routine of his four legged friend. On 1 Man Band, Ben is exploring the addition of electronics, including the use of effects and the electric stage piano, hence the title.
Bens performing on the harp and the piano at the same time even got him featured on the
Nord pianos homepage!
If you are anywhere close to Cardiff this Saturday, February 4, make sure to catch his
album release concert at Acapela Studio (yes, the concert venue and recording studio ran by Catrin Finch and her husband).
Available in the jazzharp.org webshop
The Tides of Love
Tara Minton
- CD release concert on April 6 at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

Tara is an Australian jazz vocalist and harpist who relocated to London in 2011, and is truly conquering the scene there with her soulful voice, swinging harp playing and original songwriting. Her own full studio album
The Tides of Love takes the listener to her birth place Australia and further, while being strongly grounded by her level of control and a good portion of relativism and wit. Not to forget her sidemen including long time band members Ed Babar on bass and Tom Early on drums. Expect everything from hints of soul, Ella-like jazz & blues feel, gypsy swing bits and pop.
And don't miss the
Royal Albert Hall Late Night Jazz album release concert if April finds you in London.
Available in the jazzharp.org webshop
Berklee Harp
Felice Pomeranz

Felice has written a concise method for anyone wishing to be able to play from chords on either pedal or lever harp.
The harmony exercises will help you to master chord progressions in several grooves and all keys, practice modulating freely and without fear, and improve your chord recognition and smooth voice leading. The accompanying audio tracks include demonstrations and play-alongs.
You will learn to create accompaniments, starting with folk tunes, then taking off into pop, blues, and Bossa Nova. Finally, Felice is giving more insight and exercises in jazz chords (altered chords, sus chords, etc.) and modulation.
This is a must for every harpist wanting to play popular music, as well as for teachers who want to be well informed as they guide their students in popular genres.
Available in the jazzharp.org webshop
Ben Creighton Griffiths

Here's Ben playing Morning by Claire Fisher on harp and piano.
It includes the use of a looper, and sometimes just two hands on the harp, two on the piano, or one on each instrument... As you have been able to read above, this actually got him featured on the Nord homepage. To hear Ben perform his new album
1 Man Band in its entirety, including this song, go to the CD launch concert in Cardiff this weekend, or if you are too far away from Wales, get the CD!
Inside Brubecker
Deborah Henson-Conant

Deborah is all about giving you insight in her creative process. She just started a new series of 'making of' video's about her compositions, and called it 'Inside the Music'.
Here is the first one, offering an in-studio breakdown of her piece for looper and lever-harp inspired by Dave Brubeck’s “Blue Rondo a la Turk,” using the DHC electric harp and Boss Looper. “To create the piece I tuned parts of the harp in different keys, used different meters and overlapping loops.”

Want to hear the result as well? Her February 18 'Lose your Blues' concert at the Center of the Arts in Natick, near Boston, will be live streamed worldwide!
Leave your name on her 'First Call' list and be sure to get notified when and how to virtually attend the concert.
A great and swinging 2017 to all of you!
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