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Blues @ Harpe Diem in Belgium

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Park's Jazz Harp Camp

Lori Andrews' After Hours awarded again

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Spotlight on: CASPER REARDON


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Last week, we've started the facebook page. Within 48 hours, we had 120 fans. If you're not a fan yet, then join in now! Apart from the latest news, great links, and a connection to fellow fans, we offer a discussion board where we hope to have many interesting and fun jazzharp discussions with you.



link to us, we'll link to you

It is time for us to get our links section going and make sure our visitors can find jazz harpists in their area through If you are a student or professional harpist seriously playing jazz (jazz, blues, rock, singer songwriting, pop) we can include a link to your website in the links subsection 'musicians'. In exchange, we only ask to be linked on your website in return.


iJHF initiators Brenda and Sabine were invited by Harpe Diem (the Belgian national harp day) to give a workshop on jazz and blues harp on October 25, 2009. We had a great time working with as many as 30 participants that day.

Maarten Vanoutrive was one of them and clearly had a fun day as well:


'It was early on a Sunday morning that a whole bunch of Flemish harpists gathered in the Leuven conservatory.  If we were still a bit sleepy, we would be awake very soon. Sabine Meijers and Brenda Dor-Groot were about to introduce us into the magical world of jazz harp. To start explaining what jazz is all about, Brenda started jumping around (literally!) to explain a blues scale with all of us singing along... read on




The international Jazz Harp Foundation is looking for an additional board member with a marketing background. Keywords are: passionate, smart, team player, and loaded with knowledge and connections. Note that our board members aren't necessarily harpists, two of us in the board of directors is probably quite enough. We're looking for a professional in the field who could spare some time and energy to help getting jazzharp on the map!


We'd love to hear YOUR jazz harp stories!
Did you attend a great jazz harp or performance workshop? Hear a great performance you want to write about? Tell us about it! And don't forget those great pictures...


In the summer of 2010, Park Stickney will organise a Jazz Harp Camp at his lovely authentic Swiss farmhouse in the hills near Lake Geneva.

It will be a mixed workshop/masterclass setting. At the beginning of the week, Park Stickney will teach you all you need to know about jazz harp in order to be ready for the 2nd half of the week, where Dino Contenti (bass) and Gigi Bresciani (drums) will join him to create a perfect jazz harp learning experience for you, with trio playing, rhythm games, harp/bass playing, harp/drums playing etc.

Your piece of cake? Make sure to fix the dates into your agenda, they are: July 12-16, 2010.
More info about prices, lodging and all other things you need to know, will soon be published on Park’s website:
There will be a maximum of 12 participants. If you want to be sure you're one of them, you can already let him know you're interested.

Martina Hendel about her workshop from Park Stickney:

'Hey, Park,

are you the Buddha of Jazz Harp Teaching?'

'In September 2009, I met Park Stickney in Hamburg, Germany. During one and a half day, I enjoyed his inspiring and very relaxed way of helping me with my first steps into the world of Jazz on the Harp! My pupils really enjoyed the knowledge I brought home to Hannover.

To me, Park is the man of a thousand ideas. He has a lot of fun playing, and a fine intensity while teaching. He showed a sincere interest in every single question of all workshop members and answered them in an incredible calm and friendly way. Hey, Park, are you the Buddha of Jazz Harp Teaching?'



Lori Andrews’ cd After Hours, already had been voted as a top CD for 2008 on the Japanese radio station ‘Sound of Breeze’.
Now, at the JPF awards, after a pretty steep competition in the smooth jazz track category, the song ‘After Hours’ became a winner again! In a former newsletter we’ve already shared this cd with you; it is definitely Lori's funkiest one (so far...)

The JPF (Just Plain Folks) award was given out in Nashville on the 29th of august 2009. This is the largest independent music awards in the world, with almost one hundred categories of talent. They screen more than 560,000 songs and 42,000 albums in 90+ genres from over 160 countries. Congratulations to Lori, Bart and the rest of the band!

Are you curious and would you like to listen to some funky jazz harp stuff? You can order After Hours through
Lori on youtube:

Lori Andrews about jazz harp:

'harp's not just for breakfast anymore

you can get out there and really be funky

and have a great time!'


News, calendar items, articles/reviews, and graphic material for our website and newsletter are always welcome!


iJHF, Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot

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spotlight on: CASPER REARDON

In this 'spotlight on' we'd like to present to you:

Casper Reardon


swing harpist

Born on April 15, 1907, Casper Reardon came from a vaudeville family in Little Falls, New York. His father, being from Irish descent, presented him with a small Irish harp on his eighth birthday.

Later on he became one of the most brilliant pupils of the illustrious Carlos Salzedo, at the Curtus Istitute of Music. He played classical music as a soloist as well as in the Philadelphia and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. In 1926 he was appointed Head of the Harp Department at the Cincinnatti Conservatory.

It was there, inspired by his southern students, that Casper got interested in jazz. He fell in love with the music of W.C. Handy, trumpeter and blues composer, often known as the "Father of the Blues".

Reardon found the percussive harp to be as well suited to Gershwin as to Debussy. read on...


audacityThis is such a great combination of gadgets that we would almost get selfish and not publish it :-)
But we're all about sharing here, so of course we'll tell you:

1. download Audacity
This is a great FREE recording tool that lets you record multiple tracks and easily edit, add, remove, change, and record some more.

2. choose your speed at

3. record that click
Let Audacity record the metronome click from your computer's own speakers into your (external or built in) microphone for a few minutes.

4. record yourself
Put on some headphones and play the click track while recording whatever you want to record (e.g. an accompanying pattern). It makes your recording that much stronger to play it in a steady tempo!

5. mute the click

Now, mute the click track and edit or finish your recording, or:

6. add and have fun!
Add as many solo or other additional tracks as you want.

Have fun!


Maria Palatine

by Maria Palatine

A very unique and beautiful sound from this European singer-songwriter / composer / harp player with jazz influences, who definitely deserves wider recognition.


This time we're directing you to two recently uploaded tracks by Jakez Francois (just follow the links and you'll find even more great tracks from his May 2009 concert in Moscow).

jakezyoutubeJakez playing Blue Monk (nice!!!)

jakezyoutubeThe Minstrel's Suicide