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March 2008


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Dorothy Ashby Scholarship

World Harp Congress

Vacancy: fundraising assistant

Harp insurance

DHC summer course
Spotlight on: Edmar Castaneda

NEW: Gadgets!

NEW: YouTube tips


Breaking news!

dorothyashbyIn 2009, the iJHF intends to award the first
Dorothy Ashby Scholarship!
The jury will, amongst others, exist of jazz harpist and Ashby's former student Carol Robbins (chair), and bassist Pat Senatore, who was one of her band members.
Candidates are requested to submit their own personal study plan. They will be judged based on motivation, playing, and the study plan.
Keep an eye out for more information on our website, in the next newsletter, and at our World Harp Congress exhibition stand.
Read more about Dorothy Ashby on, and do check out the podcast that is linked there!


WHClogoAMSFrom July 17 until July 23, 2008, the 10th World Harp Congress will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Non-traditional players performing there include Edmar Castaneda, Maeve Gilchrist, Deborah Henson-Conant, Evelyn Huber, Rizpah Lowe, Rossitza Milevska, and Harpcore.

The iJHF will be present with a stand in the exhibition space.
If you are attending the WHC too, then come and say hi! We will have lots of information for free, jazz harp cd's and sheet music for sale, and some nice jazz harp gadgets!
Of course, the next newsletter will include a review.
more info:


The iJHF is looking for a fundraising assistant.
Currently all contributions to the Foundation are on a volunteer basis. However, the fundraising position could be awarded with a percentage of certain revenues.
If you are dedicated to the cause, and think you can be instrumental in iJHF fundraising activities, please apply by email (, preferably before July 25.


regularly check the global jazz harp calendar

at !


Do you also have a hard time finding good harp insurance? On the go and worrying about your instrument instead of focussing on the job? Well, here's some good news for you:

We have found a company that has extensive coverage, including off premises (out-of-the-house) coverage on a worldwide basis at an affordable price. This company is Anderson Group International, LLC. They special in musical instrument insurance and especially harp insurance, which is a rare thing! 

We're spreading the word about Anderson to help all our fellow harpists to get peace of mind without spending a fortune ( vice-president Brenda Dor-Groot has her Salvi Aurora insured with them for USD 125 annualy…)

Anderson Group is a US based firm, but you don't have to live in the USA to get their harp insurance.
You do have to be a member of one of the following associations, for whose instrument insurance programs Anderson is the endorsed agent:
- American Harp Society,
- World Harp Congress,
- International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen

Read more about the rates and coverages on (oh, and they're really easy to reach, also by phone or 'Live Chat').


Release your inner extrovert!

DHCDeborah Henson-Conant and guest instructor Karen Montanaro will work with you to do just that!
in this great course on the Art of Performance.
Sabine Meijers, chairman of the iJHF, attended the succesful course last year and still takes profit from it with every performance she does.
According to Deborah "you can learn to give a great performance on any skill level" so don't let any doubts in that regard keep you from registering.
This years course is already happening next week
(July 7-12) and last time we checked there was still room for a few more. But that is very last-minute...
If you're interested in future workshops with Deborah, do read the extensive info, and ask the folks at hipharp to inform you as soon as they plan a next course!

the international Jazz Harp Foundation:

enriching the jazz world with harp

and the harp world with jazz


News, calendar items, articles (WHC reviews?), and graphic material for our website and newsletter are very welcome!
To be mentioned in the next newsletter, contributions should be submitted by September 1st, 2008.

Want to officially join us and offer structural help? Become a member of the Board of Affiliates.


iJHF, Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot

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spotlight on: EDMAR CASTANEDA

In this ‘spotlight on’ we’d like to present to you:

Edmar Castaneda

‘explosion of

high energy music

with a Latin jazz twist’

Harpist, band leader and composer Edmar Castaneda was born in Bogota, Colombia, where he started playing the Colombian harp at the age of thirteen.

He has a unique style of playing the harp, blending the rich and colourful folk music of Colombia with its percussive cross-rhythms and driving bass lines against a Latin jazz backdrop....(read more)


‘Edmar Castaneda made a more

than convincing case for the harp as

a jazz instrument. He was simply


Bloomberg news - Jeremy Gerard

If you're going to the World Harp Congress, don't miss Edmar's performance on July 19th!
In the Netherlands, but not at the WHC? Then take your chance to catch his Bimhuis performance on July 23rd! info


We found a great tool for those of you who, like us, still like to write music by hand.
It prints blank sheet music in any format you want. Just select number of staves, size, barlines, clefs, flats and sharps, time signature, etc., or just single all empty staves, and then just hit the print button. All free and without any signing up!, or click the banner below.
Print free blank sheet music

A great hint from Park Stickney:
Get Transcribe!
A great little application to make your transcribing way easier! Load a track and play it as is, or slower without losing pitch, or transposed, or looping from mark to mark, or with any of their many other options to ease your work. You can even control it with a pedal if you want to have your hands free or don't want to skip between your music writing screen and Transcribe! all the time.
Just try it and you'll see!
Oh, and please download your trial version through our link so that if you decide to buy it, you'll support the IJHF at the same time!


Check out Nicolas Caballero on YouTube:

You are going to see a man with great rhythm play a pop song on his Paraguayan harp. We know he is capable of much more, including pretty virtuoso jazzy stuff, so as soon as we find more material we'll link to it at is coming-up bio page on

NOTE: this guy doesn't have any pedals or levers, just some device attached to his fingers to get the flats and sharps!

casparreardon"Ladies and Gentlemen,
I wanna introduce my cousin Casper.
He's the only man living who can play hot music on a harp!"

Watch this 70 year old Caspar Reardon take!