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The mission of the International Jazz Harp Foundation (iJHF) is to strengthen the position of the harp in jazz. ‘Jazz’, in this context, is used as an all embracing term for jazz, pop, rock, singer-songwriting and other for the harp non-traditional styles and settings. 



The international Jazz Harp Foundation 

- lives @ www.jazzharp.org, 

- maintains a global jazz harp calendar & tons of information, and runs a dedicated jazz harp webshop 

- publishes a jazz harp newsletter (subscribe on jazzharp.org) 

- links jazz harpists around the world 

- organizes the Jazz Harp Academy 

- provides workshops & workshop assistance 

- stimulates education & research 

- provides information about jazz harp, jazz harpists, instruments, equipment, performances & recordings 

- provides collective promotion for jazz harpists via publicity, networking & sales 



Our aims are to put jazz harp on the map, to increase its reputation and quality, link jazzharpists around the globe, and inspire harpists, peer musicians and audiences alike! 

Apart from (jazz) harpists, the iJHF also assists non-harpist musicians and composers, programmers, impresarios, manufacturers, media, listeners and other interested individuals. 



The iJHF was founded in July 2007 by Dutch harpists Sabine Meijers and Brenda Dor-Groot who are leading the Foundation on a day-to-day basis and determining its course. Together with treasurer Peter Hoogenboom and board member Matt Marvuglio (jazz flute player and Dean at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA ) they form the Board of Directors. 

The Board is getting assistance and further inspiration from the Advisory Board, headed by Felice Pomeranz, jazz harpist and harp teacher at Berklee College of Music. The Advisory Board further consists of prominent professionals like Park Stickney, jazz harpist, and Johan Clement, jazz pianist. 

A sounding board is formed by the Board of Affiliates. Anyone with a specific interest in jazz harp is eligible as a member. 


Linking jazz harpists around the globe… 

Through the iJHF harpists might find information that will help them to further develop themselves as a jazz harpist such as educational opportunities, repertoire, various articles and must-reads. 


You can participate by: 

Providing performance & workshop dates to be published on our global jazz harp calendar 

Submitting any relevant articles and concert reviews 

Becoming a member of the Board of Affiliates


Want to stay up to date? 

Subscribe to our newsletter that will periodically treat you to jazz harp news and facts. 


Would you like to contribute? 

A foundation like the iJHF cannot succeed without the generous support of harp-loving benefactors. If you would like to volunteer support for the iJHF in any way, please contact one of our board members. All contributions will be greatly appreciated. 


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