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Brenda Dor-Groot 

Executive director & founder 


Brenda started playing harp at age 7. At the Rotterdam Conservatory, where she started studying with Teresia Rieu when she was only 13, she developed a very solid base both technically and musically.  


After graduating Bachelor in Music in 1998, Brenda received a grant to study in Germany with Helga Storck, where her performance skills and orchestra playing where brought to a higher level. This resulted in her winning the auditions for both the European Union Youth Orchestra and the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, in the summer of 1999. Brenda concluded her classical training by returning to the Rotterdam Conservatory, where Godelieve Schrama helped her refine her technique and musical sensitivity. 


Parallel to her activities in classical music, Brenda made several escapades to jazz harp by taking lessons and workshops with Park Stickney, Deborah Henson-Conant and Carrol McLaughlin. 


Since 2005, Brenda is actively involved in the world of jazz harp. Both in playing and in spreading the gospel: together with fellow harpist Sabine Meijers she founded the Dutch Jazz Harp Foundation in 2006, rapidly followed by the international Jazz Harp Foundation in July 2007. 


She enjoys to play real down to earth old school blues on her solid body electric lever harp with 'Brenda's Real Blues Harp Band', further consisting of Franklin Smith (guitar), Ed de Jong (bass) and Stephen Caruana (drums). A more mainstream jazz sound can be heard from her jazz quartet with the unique instrumentation of acoustic pedal harp, acoustic violin (Robert Baba), electric bass (Ed de Jong) and drums (Stephen Caruana). 


Brenda has been improvising with DJ at corporate events since 2005 creating both lucious, spacey and more and more groovy atmospheres from lounge, dance and even house and techno music. 


Through the discovery of a strong and intuïtive musical connection with fellow musicians Marieke voor de Wind (bassoon), Sietse van Gorkom (violin), and, ultimately, herself, her journey continued into the field of free improvisation. 


Brenda is available for occasional private lessons and regularly teaches improvisation and basic jazz & blues workshops with Sabine Meijers for the International Jazz Harp Foundation. 


She is an amateur singer and violin and cello player. 

For several years, she has worked as a marketing agent for Bonheur, a theatre company producing literary stage plays. 



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