Jazz harp education is hard to find, especially if you're not located in the USA or in Europe. 

The best start is to listen to jazz as much as you can (both recordings and live!), play a lot, and try to learn from other jazz musicians (e.g. piano, guitar, bass players).  

There are a few tutorials with play-along cd's available (check our webshop to find them).  


Most current jazz harpists were on their own when they started out with jazz harp. One of our goals as international Jazz Harp Foundation is to give jazz harp enthusiasts a headstart, so they don't all have to reinvent the wheel, and the chances of advancement in the field are greater. 


What kind of headstart? 


Education info 

Well, for starters, we'd like to point out the places where you can learn about jazzharp and the people who can teach it. This information can be found on our schools and teachers, workshops and online education pages. 

Also, is always open for questions regarding education. 



The iJHF holds, organizes and co-organizes workshops for amateurs, students and professionals, on lever harp and pedal harp. Harp teachers are especially welcome too. One of our theories is that if teachers know how to work on improvisation and reading chord charts with their students, it will contribute to the overal learning experience of the students, plus those who take more interest in jazz or other non-classical forms of music might stick to the instrument and enjoy band playing or individual improvisation on harp instead of turning to other instruments like guitar, or losing interest in music making altogether. More people will keep having fun at harp playing, and great talents that would otherwise not have chosen to be professional musicians might be saved for 'the harp world'. 


Jazz Harp Academy 

The iJHF has initiated the Jazz Harp Academy. A pilot version of this unique and intensive jazz harp course is taking place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in September 2010. Read more about the Aacdemy here

The aim is to present the Jazz Harp Academy every (second) year in another country.  


Dorothy Ashby Scholarship 

The iJHF started out with plans for the Dorothy Ashby Scholarship for talented jazz harp students. The worldwide economic problems have currently stagnated the process, however, as soon as there is a chance of succes, we will pick up the efforts again. 



If you know of any jazz harp education possibilities that we don't seem aware of, or iff you would like to take part in our upcoming education research in your corner of the world, please let us know at

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