interviews & articles 



Interview with Pia Salvia 

by JHF - Jan 2018 


Interview with Charles Overton 

by Maria Fox for JHF - March 2017 

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The Time is Right for Jazz Harp (excerpt) 

by Loes van Schaijk, commissioned by the JHF, 2010 


Some Thoughts on Playing Harp, Playing Jazz, and Composing 

by Deborah Henson-Conant / American Harp Journal 




Interview with Maeve Gilchrist 

by iJHF - Jan 2008 


Interview with Christine Lutz 

by Hadrien Caron/IJHF affiliate - October 2010 


Interview with Tom Monger 

by Peter Hoogenboom/IJHF - Feb 2010 


Interview with Edmar Castaneda 

by IJHF - March 2010 


Interview with Christa Grix 

by iJHF - April 2011 


Interview with Carol Robbins 

by iJHF - August 2011 


Interview with Park Stickney 

by iJHF - August 2011 


Interview with Monika Stadler 

by iJHF - December 2011 


Interview with Brandee Younger 

by iJHF - February 2013 


Interview with Rossitza Milevska 

by iJHF - August 2013 


Interview with Habiba 

by iJHF - February 2014 


Interview with Deborah Henson-Conant 

by JHF - July 2014 


Interview with Motoshi Kosako in Harp Column 

by Alison Reese for HarpColumn - July 2014 


Interview with Rosetty on Jazz Harp Education 

by JHF - December 2015 


Interview with Felice Pomeranz on Jazz Harp Education 

by JHF - 2016 


Interview with Charles Overton 

by Maria Fox for JHF - March 2017 


Interview with Pia Salvia 

by JHF - January 2018 



Pieces on specific artists 

Dorothy Ashby (article in Dutch) 

by Eva Tebbe 


Edmar Castaneda 

by Sabine Meijers/IJHF 


Maeve Gilchrist 

by Brenda Dor-Groot/IJHF 


Robert Maxwell 

by Sabine Meijers/IJHF 


Reviews & write-ups 


Jazz Harp isn't just for Grown Ups 

by Sabine Meijers 


A review on the Jazz Harp Festival & Academy 2013 

by Annelies Kole 


Jazz Harping in Chile - festival performance report, February 2013 

by Liza Wallace  


Jazz Harp Academy in Rotterdam: pedals of all kind, September 2010 

by Marcella Carboni / Jazz Harp Academy participant 


Rite of Strings @ North Sea Jazz, July 10, 2009 

by Sabine Meijers/IJHF 


Dutch students meet Edmar, July 9, 2009 

by Rosanne van Bodegom/IJHF affiliate 


Edmar Castaneda @ The Bimhuis, March 20, 2009 

by Sabine Meijers/IJHF 


Cristina Braga @ Festival de Harpe en Avesnois, February 8, 2009 

by Sabine Meijers/IJHF 


Billy Childs Chamber Jazz Ensemble with harpist Carol Robbins, November 2011 

by Sabine Meijers/IJHF 


2nd Jazz Harp Camp with Park Stickney, August 2011 

by Esther Sévérac 



Obituaries/In Memoriam 

In memoriam Daphne Hellman 

by Park Stickney 


Obituary for Alice Coltrane 

by Felice Pomeranz 

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