Jazz harp playing has been around longer than most people think.The first recording even dates back to 1936. It was Jack Teagarden who added harp to his band for this recording by hiring jazz harp pioneer Caspar Reardon. Caspar Reardon developed quickly into a sought after jazz harpist. Unfortunately, he died very young and jazz harp lost an important advocate and catalyst. Other important jazz harp pioneers were Ruth Berman, Adele Girard, and Dorothy Ashby. The current generation can take some profit from our communication era with great recording possibilities and channels like websites, youtube, and of course jazzharp.org :-) You'll be able to find information here about Park Stickney, Edmar Castaneda and other current jazz harp players. Through consolidating this information, spreading their recordings and facilitate the sharing of their knowledge, we hope to make jazz harp a more continuous movement, strengthen the position of harp in jazz and increase its reputation and quality.If you know about an important player, fact or article that's not listed here, please let us know through info@jazzharp.org. 


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