- Amazing Slow Downer 

- Audacity 


- Chordfinder 

- ForScore 

- iImprov Fundamentals 

- iRealPro 

- MuseScore 

- Soundhound 

- Transcribe! 


virtual tools 

Here's some online gadgets we included in our newsletter over the past years, and that you might find useful: 


Amazing Slow Downer 

Amazing Slow Downer is available for PC or Mac, as well as for iPhone and iPod touch. The free lite version lets you play the first quarter (max 3 minutes) of an audio file. But if you get the PC/Mac lite version, it will also play track 1 and 2 of a cd (so just burn your audio file on a CD and you can work on the entire song). 

Amazing Slow Downer can repeat any section of the music at full speed, slow it down or even speed it up, without changing the pitch! Or change the pitch with or without changing the speed if you want to play it in another key. 

Download and read info here 



A great and completely free recording tool, loaded with functions to edit, add, remove, change, as well as to convert & export original and existing sound files. 


Here's a tip to use Audacity in combination with Metronome Online: 


1. download Audacity 

This is a great FREE recording tool that lets you record multiple tracks and easily edit, add, remove, change, and record some more. 

2. choose your speed at 

3. record that click 

Let Audacity record the metronome click from your computer's own speakers into your (external or built in) microphone for a few minutes. 

4. record yourself 

Put on some headphones and play the click track while recording whatever you want to record (e.g. an accompanying pattern). It makes your recording that much stronger to play it in a steady tempo! 

5. mute the click 

Now, mute the click track and edit or finish your recording, or: 

6. add and have fun! 

Add as many solo or other additional tracks as you want. 

We found a great tool for those of you who, like us, still scribble some notes by hand every now and then. It prints blank sheet music in any format you want. Just select number of staves, size, barlines, clefs, flats and sharps, time signature, etc., or just single all empty staves, and then just hit the print button. All free and without any signing up! 



Find any chord or scale you need in the 'piano room' at 

This is a very helpful tool. Most chord finders are for guitar but this one is especially for the piano and great for us harpists too. Select your chord or scale and in a split second you get the note names, intervals, position on the piano keyboard and a sound sample. 



This is a great sheet music viewing app. It features an easy playlist function, various ways to import your sheet music, pageturn options, annotation tools, and more. 

Once you get your hands on some real books in PDF (or spend some time scanning...;) you will never have to lug those bulky books to a gig anymore, just your tablet, and you can play whichever song your band or audience request without having to say you can't do it with the sheet music on a pile at home. 


iImprov - Fundamentals 

This is the most basic app in the iImprov series. A great tutorial of jazz improvisation containing 7 lessons full explanation of theory with sound bites, a chord and scale finder, an ear training tool, and Jam-A-Long tracks that let you select the key and tempo yourself. Even the introduction text is very educational and nicely written. 

Definitely worth the 5 bucks (or 4 euros)! 



Just a few of the great features of this app: 

- import, transpose, create, edit and share chord charts 

- play along jazz, latin and pop style accompaniments 

- loop songs or sections of it 

- 50 generic excercises included, thousands of chord charts downloadable for free from the iReal b forums 


The most notable difference with an oldfashioned realbook, is that you do get chord charts but you don't get lyrics/melody, due to copyright issues. However, while working on a song, you will want to listen to some versions on youtube/spotify/etc. anyway, so you will get to know the melody, or you might already know it. Plus it helps getting used to playing by ear, to improvise, or... to practice your transcription skills :) 


Definitely worth its price tag. 



Music notation software that is almost as good as Sibelius, and... free!  

It has an okay learning curve, and is available for Mac or PC. 

They also provide an iPad/iPhone/Andriod/Kindle app to view your scores, including playback, transpose, tempo adjust and much more. 



This app listens to a song for a maximum of 30 seconds, then tells you the name of the song, the artist and the album, along with links to lyrics and tour dates. Plus it lets you play the song on Spotify or check it out on YouTube right away. The other way around, if you say the name of an artist, it will give you song previews, lyrics, videos, bios, tour dates, etc. etc. It's fun, useful... and free! 



A great little application to make your transcribing way easier! Load a track and play it as is, or slower without losing pitch, or transposed, or looping from mark to mark, or with any of their many other options to ease your work. You can even control it with a pedal if you want to have your hands free or don't want to skip between your music writing screen and Transcribe! all the time. 

Just try it and you'll see! 

Oh, and please download your trial version through our link so that if you decide to buy it, you'll support the IJHF at the same time: 


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