jazz harp academy 2010 

The 1st iJHF Jazz Harp Academy was held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on September 17, 18 and 19, 2010. 



Park Stickney - jazz harpist 

Edmar Castaneda - latin jazz harpist 

Math Scheffer - jazz pianist 

Kurt Schwab - jazz saxophonist 

Julius Oppermann - latin percussionist 

Brenda Dor-Groot & Sabine Meijers - jazz harpists and initiators 


General information: 



We offered 2 courses: 

- a 3-day intensive course for harp students and professionals 

- a weekend clinic for non-professionals 

plus a few smaller instruction packages 



The schedule included hands-on jazz harp lessons, jazz combo lessons, theory lessons, practice time, rhythm class, listening to jazz, a lecture on jazz harp, jam sessions and a concert. There was a possibility to schedule private lessons with any of the faculty members. And Camac was there to present the new midi harp and give the participants the opportunity to experiment themselves. 



Intensive Course only 

09.00 arrival harps & harpists 

10.00 theory  

11.00 coffee break 

11.15 hands-on jazz harp  

12.30 lunch break 

13.30 - 16.00 individual lessons & practise time 

16.15 combo class 

18.00 dinner break 

20.00 rhythm class 



exhibit hours 09.30 - 18.00 

09.00 arrival harps & harpists - Weekend Clinic 

09.00 Listening to Jazz 1 - Intensive Course 

10.00 theory - Intensive Course + Weekend Clinic 

11.00 coffee break 

11.15 hands-on jazz harp - Intensive Course + Weekend Clinic 

12.30 lunch break 

13.30 - 16.00 individual lessons/practise time/exhibit visit - Intensive Course 

13.30 - 14.20 Listening to Jazz 1 - Weekend Clinic 

14.45 - 15.45 rhythm class - Weekend Clinic 

16.15 combo class - Intensive Course + Weekend Clinic 

18.00 midi harp demo 

19.00 off to theatre for dinner & jam session 



exhibit hours 09.30 - 16.15 

09.00 Listening to Jazz 2 - Intensive Course + Weekend Clinic together 

10.00 hands-on jazz harp - Intensive Course + Weekend Clinic 

11.00 coffee break 

11.15 hands-on jazz harp - Intensive Course + Weekend Clinic 

12.00 - 13.00 A taste of Jazz Harp - practical basis session for all interested individuals 

12.30 lunch break 

13.30 practise time / concert rehearsal for participants 

13.30 - 16.00 Exhibit - open to all 

13.30 Lecture - Development of Jazz Harp - open to all 

14.45 midi harp demo - open to all 

16.15 - 18.00 CONCERT 

18.00 pack & go (or join for dinner) 




De Machinist 

Willem Buytwechstraat 45 

3024 BK Rotterdam 

The Netherlands 





Special thanks to: 

SNS Reaal Fonds, Fonds voor cultuurparticipatie, Van Cappellenstichting, Elise Mathilde fonds, Erasmusstichting, K.F. Hein fonds, Kattendijke Druckerstichting, G.P. Verhagenstichting, Camac Harps, SKVR, WMDC 



Camac Harps 

Creighton's Collection 

De Zingende Snaar 

Dusty Strings  

Harpwinkel Twente 

Hebden Sound / Accusound 

Lyon & Healy Harps 

Otja Harpcenter 

Pro Arte 

Salvi Harps 



We are proudly looking back on a succesful first edition of the Jazz Harp Academy. 


One of the participants, Marcella Carboni, published this review on facebook and on the website of the Italian Harp Society www.aid-a.it (in Italian). 

Here's an English translation, as published in the Dutch Harp Bulletin. 


Participants experienced the combination of theory lessons, hands-on lessons and combo lessons with band especially educational. Furthermore, the jam session, rhythm class and listening to jazz sessions proved to be very inspiring to them. 


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