The Cook hotel is the campus hotel, within walking distance of the Music and Dramatic Arts Building (be it some of a walk). 



The Cook Hotel 

3848 West Lakeshore Drive 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808 



We have blocked some rooms there, that will be available for a special Jazz Harp Academy rate of $96. The rooms are double rooms, so you could share with another participant if you wish. To find a roommate, email us at info@jazzharp.org. 


A list of Hotels & Accomodations can be found on the "Visit Baton Rouge" Web site www.bracvb.com


A limited amount of home stays at local harpists are available. Please email us at info@jazzharp.org to opt for those. We will then get you in touch with them so you can see what distances and travel would be involved. 



We have chosen not to arrange full board, so everyone can consume according to their budget. 

During the day, we can have our meals at the campus cafetaria. 

At night, we will jointly visit a local restaurant. 

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