Saturday, September 24, 2011, 7.30pm / LSU School of Music Recital Hall / $15 

A unique concert with performances by Jazz Harp Academy faculty members, with the course participants as their opening act. You don't get to see a dedicated Jazz Harp performance very often. And listening to both Park Stickney and Carol Robbins at one and the same evening is extremely rare. In combination with excellent players like Bill Grimes (bass), Brett Dietz (percussion), and Kurt Schwab (saxophone) surely a one time chance. We expect this concert to be truly enlightening and inspirational.  

Tickets are available in our webshop


Jazz & Jazz Harp, an historical outline  

Sunday, September 25, 2011, 1.30pm / LSU School of Music / $6 

a presentation by Sabine Meijers 

See the pioneer of jazz harp, pedal virtuoso Caspar Reardon, on stage in thethirties. Listen to the Robert Maxwell Quartet performing at the live Jubilee Shows for the Armed Forces during World War II in the Swing Era. Follow Dorothy Ashby finding her way in Bebop and Cool Jazz and experience how Alice Coltrane transcended all boundaries in the Era of Free Jazz.How do jazz harpists benefit from their predecessors on the jazz harp path, and what contribution has been made by jazz harpists in the history of jazz? 

Tickets available at the door. 


Jazz Harp Jam Session 

Sunday, September 25, 2011, 4-6pm / location tba, Baton Rouge, LA / free entrance 

A fun jam session, open to all, where Jazz Harp Academy participants can experiment in a true jam session setting, and play with LSU School of Music students, faculty members, and whoever wants to join in.  

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