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The Jazz Harp Foundation's full privacy policy can be downloaded here (PDF download). 


In short: 


The Jazz Harp Foundation (International Jazz Harp Stichting) securely keeps records of 2 types of personal information: 


1. E-mail addresses of those who actively consented (either through an online form or with a sign-up card at an event) to receive our e-mail updates. These will be stored for that purpose only until the owner of the address withdraws their consent, and will not be shared with 3rd parties.  


2. Names and addresses of those who have placed orders through our (web)shop or signed up for our courses and services, solely used to fulfill these services, and not stored any longer than necessary for fulfilling these services, according to the current privacy regulations. 


We have data processing agreements with those who securely store the data on our behalf and for the above purposes only. 


Anyone whose data we store has a right to know which data we store, to rectify these data or to have their data deleted. Requests to do so can be directed to  

In addition to this, all e-mail updates we send out contain an unsubscribe link. 

The general right to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities, should this be deemed necessary, also applies. 

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