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Downpayment & Installments Jazz Harp Course 


To complete a downpayment or installment of your Jazz Harp Course tuition, please add this item to your cart and check out, or use the bank transfer info below. 


NB. please check currency in left column!  

EUR is for when you are located in EUR area, USD for all other places in the world. 


For the Brazilian Jazz Harp Immersion: if you haven't already done so, please fill out this form to register


EU registrants, please pay in €* by bank transfer, as there will most probably be no bank or conversion charges deducted from either your account or ours that way: 


International Jazz Harp Foundation 

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BIC/Swift code: RABONL2U 

Bank name & address: Rabobank, Blaak 333, 3011 GB Rotterdam, The Netherlands 




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