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First Steps to Harp Improvisation 

Louise Trotter 


- lever or pedal harp 

- intermediate 


There are bass, melody and arpeggio patterns, and one page of suggested improvisational styles that you can put on your music stand for reference. 

A 20-minute companion CD includes the etudes as they are written in the book, and then in free-form improvisation.  


Table of Contents: 


Suggestions for Getting Started 

Bass and Melody Patterns 

Etude 1 Reflections (two bass patterns) 

Etude 2 Aquamarine (arpeggios in 3 & 4-finger patterns) 

Etude 3 Mountain Trail (repetition, suspended chords) 

Etude 4 Alpine Lake (L.H. arpeggiated figure) 

Etude 5 Bluebonnet Waltz (stride bass in 1, 4, and 5 chords) 

Etude 6 Icy Stream (arpeggios in 1, 6, 2, 5 chords) 

Balloon Flight (interlocking hands) 

Etude 8 Kaleidoscope (intervals of 4th & quartal chords) 

Etude 9 Whirlpool (descending triplet figures) 

Etude 10 Foggy Dawn (L.H. melody, R.H. glisses) 

Etude 11 Gypsy Caravan (rhythmic, in key of E minor) 

Etude 12 Prairie Mirage (piece using several techniques) 



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